Wordification: Fundalentilist (noun)

I’m creating a new word. Let’s see if it takes off.

Fundalentilist: (noun)
1. A human being who thinks with an organ of the size and complexity of a single lentil bean, a living dal.

Note that a young earth fundalentilist only has half a lentil and is twice as dangerous.

I am hoping this word becomes popular. Feel free to make other suggestions for a similar word that may be better than this one. Feel free to use this word with or without credit to me; I prefer cash anyway. In general, I would suggest that this word be used to apply specifically to those who believe in the literal word of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion (deliberately singular) who advocate legislating their religion into law, e.g. Sarah Bachmann and Michelle Palin (or do I have them mixed up again?). I didn’t mention Rick Santorum to avoid spreading santorum. On second thought, keep spreading santorum. That particular internet meme seems to be keeping Rick out of orifice office.

12 Responses to Wordification: Fundalentilist (noun)

  1. No. I’m not just trying to gain points with bobbo who said on another thread (emphasis mine):

    As an existentialist, I don’t believe the Universe does have any meaning but by whatever definitions one might want to concoct, as existential beings all consistently do, a thinking observant self aware creature seems to me to be required. This requires much more than just recognizing one’s self in a mirror…… in fact, the pinnacle is writing your own dictionary.

  2. ECA says:

    People are not dumb. They are as a young person, seeking to KNOW. they keep asking WHY? and no one has a good answer. So they go to those that SAY they have a good SOLID answer. someone that will TALK to them and tell them WHAT to believe.
    The Difficulty is, NOT trying to find a Better answwer/alternative. They SIT with that ANSWER as it is pounded into their heads.

    CHURCH is pounded into your head when you are young..
    Education takes 12 years, and they STILL say you dont know enough.

    I dont COMPLAIN to god(I dont know if he is accepting my calls, he never returns them), but the Explanation that “GOD DID IT”, has never filled me with confidence, after I saw a MAN BEAT his wife. And then it was claimed, “it is gods plan”..
    I could never understand that when SOMETHING bad happened, and I SAW that a HUMAN had caused it, that it was because of GOD…I did not like the simplicity of the answer.
    The few friends I have, Like me because I CLEAR their heads abit.. BLAME cant be shared, if you had anything involved with it..

    • Cerberus says:

      I very much agree, ECA. And is it any wonder?

      We have these so-called “religious leaders” that want to command others as if they are a god, but when those very pious pricks get into trouble, they have a perfect con game. Yes… God did it… Not I, because god commanded the killings… Yes… It was his plan. Kind of reminds one of the mob, doesn’t it?

      Good to see you here again.

      • One might expect that all of the bullshit would fertilize a young mind and help it to grow. Alas, young human minds are not vegetables requiring such fertilizer. Being fed bullshit may be the cause of the stunted brain growth. But, it doesn’t change the result. such induhviduals* are still thinking with something the size of a lentil bean, at least metaphorically. In reality, they are not thinking with anything at all. The crap they spew could just as well originate from their sphincters as anywhere else.

        And, though I sort of only put it in a footnote, so to speak, I would again clarify that the specific induhviduals for whom I would use this term are the ones who are not only not thinking, thinking with a lentil sized brain, or simply spewing from their sphincters, but are actually attempting to legislate their stupidity on others.

        Regardless of the source of their stupidity, even if it was drilled into them from birth, leaving a huge cavity in their head that was never filled with a brain, that stupidity is still the result. Some small number of people who have had such crap fed to their crowing brains from birth do actually overcome the indoctrination and go on to lead normal lives.

        That percentage who do is probably the same percentage that are actually smart in the rest of the population.

        Most of us believe what we’re taught to believe. The majority believe in a religion in a more benign form than fundamentalism and end up less harmful to society. Unfortunately, the dangerous fundalentilist minority is growing and gaining power.

        We’ll see if that changes as all of the younger nones, also a growing minority, begin to take more power. Perhaps the fundalentilist contingent will be relegated to the realm of old crackpot in the distant future, if humans survive that long. But, for now, this dangerous brain-dead contingent is growing in number and power.

        * induhvidual is not my own term. I got it from the Dilbert blog years ago. To the best of my knowledge, it belongs to Scott Adams.

      • ECA says:

        Part and parcel of the problem..
        KIDS are SPONGES..
        we dont understand how things are run or done..we have to learn from the DATA around us..mother father, books, computers…FRieNDS..
        by the time you get Old enough to see the PILES of BS and try to sort it all..WHERE can you find any truth?
        not right/wrong, good/bad…TRUTH.
        You soon find that you DRAG all the data and TRY to find a MIDDLE GROUND.. and this can be a LONG hard task.(look up hte WHITES steam car, tell me why it was SPECIAL)
        Its hard enough to keep up with Day to DAY-Month to month…Changes.(try to explain to me WHy we are dealing with SERIAL BASED hardware, over using parallel hardware from 20+ years ago)..
        If you dont give a MIND a chance to develope, and it Dont break out of the TRANCE of being BURIED in BS.. what do you have??
        BUT even if you DO, get out of the Morass of BS, and try..what do you do? WHAT are you doing?? trying to WORK/EAT/SLEEP and find more work..

        we have had thiese discussions and the like on Cage..

      • Correct me if I’m wrong ECA. It seems to me that you are citing the reasons/excuses for why people become fundalentilists. I’m merely noting the result.

        Yes. Indoctrination of children stunts their mental growth.

        Yes. Some people overcome such stunting and allow their brains to grow again.

        Yes. Most people are really not all that bright anyway.

        For myself, I’m just glad to be smart enough to understand what the really smart people on the planet do, at least to the extent that it can be understood by reading the dumbed down versions of science in books for the general audience. In my experience few people get that far. (See my books list that probably needs a couple of additions.)

        But, as for being among the really smart, I have no delusions about that.

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Fundalentilist. Funny, good word. I’d save it in your personal dictionary for use in your silent reveries, poetry, and rumminings.

    My own reaction to it is that it better describes a vegan? I’ve got 3 bags of different colored lentils in my pantry right now. I buy them because they are supposed to be healthy, but whenever I think “bean” I go with a mix of pinto and black beans, chickpeas if I want a quick snack on crackers.

    “Science Denying Young Earth No Brain Bible Thumpers” is much more descriptive, but not as pithy. Dumbass has fewer letters but is too general.

    ……….Certainly, something to work on.

  4. bobbo,

    It appears you are correct. Some are using the word to mean vegetarian or vegan. I don’t see that they’ve actually defined the word, so can’t paste in their definition either as def 2 or as def 1 making my definition def 2.

    Care to try to word the definition and I’ll edit the original post to include it? Would it simply be “a vegetarian or vegan”? Or, would it more positively have to state the affinity for lentils?



    Given your foodie bent though, I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the wordplay of the “living dal”. Are you not into Indian food?

  5. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Isn’t a Lentil the opposite of Lentor? And it would have been better spelt as Lentee! They must be doing this at Ft. Hood, eh!

    • Perhaps yes. But, spelt is a completely different plant.

      I’m not getting the Ft. Hood connection to any of it.

      • ECA says:

        I think American english needs to be CLEANED UP and simplified..
        Getting rid of words that mean ‘MAYBE’ would really help on ‘NEWS SHOWS’ And Should cut down on lawsuits REAL fast..STICK to facts.
        Words like ‘FREE’ should have no EXTRA explanations/meanings/ or * near them..
        LETS do Waht was done to Asian language names and do it to the french/german/spanish words in our LANGUAGE..SPELL it as it SOUNDS..

      • Doubleplusungood ECA. I will not support your bid to impose newspeak on us.

        As for spelling, I will not really support you on that either. Click here to see why.

        The one thing in this last post of yours that I would wholeheartedly support is on restoring integrity to the news. I would start by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.


        My one problem with the Fairness Doctrine would be treatment of science in the news. Whenever there is a widespread agreement in the scientific community, perhaps 90% or above, I would say that the other side need not be represented equally.

        When there is a fringe opinion or a new scientific hypothesis that has not yet gained traction, it should be noted as such. This would go for things like the multiverse, for which there is no scientific evidence.

        But, more importantly from a political standpoint, I would like proper treatment of real scientific issues like evolution, relativity, quantum mechanics, vaccines, age of the universe, climate change, ocean acidification, etc.

        For non-scientific issues, the Fairness Doctrine was quite good.

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