How to Invent a God


15 Responses to How to Invent a God

  1. Rodnikov Magilovich says:

    Hell no! As Accremonious, I want to invent a fire breathing, H2S farting, scaly, multi-legged monster, that drools acid on its victims!
    Come on, get with the imagination on this! Oh, and it has to be the most pukey colors, too!

    • I like your god. The problem with him/her is that s/he can easily be disproved. I don’t see, hear, smell, or get burned by your god. So, your god does not exist.

      To make a god that cannot be disproved so easily, you must make your god, at least, omnimpotent and omnabsent. Unfortunately, any such god becomes immediately irrelevant.

  2. ECA says:

    Iv always hated the idea that ALL the groups have their idea of god.
    If there was 1 god, then they would all, somewhat agree..

    In the beginning, and that lasted along time, it WAS gods fault. God did it, it was gods choice, it was decided by god..
    It was an EXCUSE and a lie..HE did it, not ME, not my army..
    It was to EXPLAIN things we didnt know..GOD made the rain..GOD made the volcano blow your house up..
    God dont like you, thats why you are having a hard time..
    ITS GODS WILL..(even tho you could see all the villagers and the torches..)

    SMART people dont build on flood plains..
    SMARt people dont build on the sides of volcanos..
    SMART people would build better HOMES in tornado alley..
    QUIT blaming GOD, for what MAN does to himself.

    If there is a god..
    He put us here for either entertainment, or a science experiment..
    Either answer, Answers ALOT of questions and problems I see..
    Either that, or MAN KIND is an IDIOT.

    QUIT blaming/cursing/praising GOD for your OWN idiocy..

    • That’s the problem with gods. If you believe, you are unwilling to just give up your belief and go with the god of the majority for the greater good of the greater group. Look at how many times in history people have died for their beliefs.

      The only way to have peace is for everyone to voluntarily give up on the idea of gods altogether. Since that will never ever happen, we will have peace when all the humans are dead. Well, maybe not even then.

      Peaceful world? The moon is a peaceful world. It is also a dead one.

  3. Accremonious says:

    Amen, brother!

  4. Accremonious says:

    On another tack, how can you be so sure that GAWD and a whole lot more is invisible due to a “polarization”? Remember that some 94 or 96% of the measurable gravity in this Universe is not attributable to visible masses! And there are plausible mathematical arguments for multiple Universii!
    Therefore I shall remain an Agnostic until proven otherwise!

    • I’m a Dragnostic. I think it’s more likely that fire-breathing dragons exist than that any particular god does.

      Just kidding, of course. I’ll become agnostic when shred of evidence is produced. Until then, atheism is the logical choice.

  5. ECA says:

    You dont want another tack..they hurt..

    In my long years watching this world..ALL I can say is that MAN is its worse enemy.
    For all the knowledge and understandings we have, we CANT rule ourselves or find ANYONE fair enough to do it either.

    Blaming GOD wont help..never has.

    • Of course, blaming a non-existent being can’t possibly help. But, as for blaming the human idea of a god for causing humans to commit all sorts of atrocities, well, if the inquisition/crusade/jihad fits, ….

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Don’t all the Gods of hooman invention violate all those rules?

    “If the religious could be reasoned with, there would be no religion.” // Read it somewhere.

  7. The great big desert war god of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion is certainly invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible in every way. Which gods are you thinking of that are perceptible in ways that we could test (and disprove)?

  8. Check out this god that some particularly idiotic philosophers dreamed up to avoid having their god disproved.

    Besides lacking spatial and temporal parts, God is free of matter/form composition, potency/act composition, and existence/essence composition.

    Really??!!? God is free of existence? Isn’t that what we atheists say all the time? “free of existence” == “does not exist”. In what universe is this not true?

    Quote source:

    Note the copyright.

    © Metaphysics Research Lab, CSLI, Stanford University

    Metaphysics research lab??!!? What’s in their beakers? Lysergic acid diethylamide?

    • Reason not Religion says:

      “Besides lacking spatial and temporal parts, God is free of matter/form composition, potency/act composition, and existence/essence composition.”

      And yet the “babble” states we are created in God’s image. If gawd is free of matter/form composition and free of existence/essence composition; how are we molded in his image. He obviously does not have an image according to this definition.

      And what mental gymnast weaved this ridiculous web of bullshit?

  9. Speaking of laboratories. I have long had a desre, but have not had the balls to do it, to go into a Christian Science Reading Room and ask for directions to the laboratory. I want to volunteer to be an independent observer of their scientific method.

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