Climate Name Change

6 Responses to Climate Name Change

  1. ECA says:

    I love the thought of names..
    Iv been asking along time, about THIS NAME..
    Carbon WHAT?? Carbon is a hard material thats used in many things, in many forms.
    Carbon sequestration(ya, the gov had to learn and use a NEW NAME to hide the fact of FIRING PEOPLE)

    SOME ONE FINALLY said the words. Carbon dioxide.

    So it does have a name..AND OLD one…AIR POLLUTION..
    something thats been going on since the 70’s.
    something we have been TRYING to regulate in the USA..
    Something JAPAN is trying to FIX…
    SOMETHING CHINA is seeing from all the manufacturing we send them.

    Funny, how JAPAN and china are trying to OPEN locations in AFRICA… I wonder why?(not really)..
    MANY countries are getting PISSED OFF and polluted.
    LETS pollute others, insted of ourselves, and COLLECT the money for it.

    Insted of finding BETTER PRODUCTS, and healthy ways to MAKE THINGS…we just go someplace else and POLLUTE MORE.


    • The Expulsion Of Gods says:

      Damn, you’re good.

      A question if you don’t mind, ECA.

      You said that “the government had to learn and use a NEW NAME to hide the fact of FIRING PEOPLE.” So my question, if I may is: why did they have to fire people?
      I’m just curious because I’ve never even heard anything about that situation.


      • ECA says:

        Good question.
        the complaints of the gov. (from the 70’s on) is to big. It costs to much.
        but where do they cut?(they ask)
        And as any corp they cut from the bottom.
        The COSTS arent really being Cut…as with Cuts they find they have more they SPEND IT..

        BUT who is complaining, and making a BIG thing about Taxes?
        Generally it all falls back to the corps, passing on the word..
        “It Costs to much”
        for your medical
        For your dentist
        And so forth. Then they started cutting your hours…and saving money and taxes.

      • The Expulsion Of Gods says:

        Oh, I see. Pretty much the same corporate dialog to line their pockets.

        I gotcha. And thanks.

  2. ECA says:

    lets see…
    We go out and gather 50,000,000 year old CARBON DEPOSIT..and use it along with CARBON we create anyway..
    funny aint it.

    If this planet is going threw a change…DO you REALLy think we have a chance?

    CORPS wont do anything unless they are PAID for it…
    WHO cause’s most of the problems? the BIG CORPS.. WHO wont and HAVE NOT PAID for the pollution in the USA declared in the 70’s..

  3. Interesting points ECA.

    I think you should watch the video though. The suggestion is to change the names of tropical storms and hurricanes to the names of politicians who deny climate change. I think Inhoff should get the honor of having a particularly bad one named for him.

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