Roseanne and the State Rep

I’ve been in need of a bit of humor. Too many of my posts have been too serious lately.

Unfortunately, this may be a bit too true to be good. Your mileage may vary.

One Response to Roseanne and the State Rep

  1. ECA says:

    See thee is something they could do.
    And SOME states are trying to do it.
    BEFORE they can SELL/DO business in the area, they MUST have a business/facility IN that state.

    They have condensed, Business practices (reduced them) to the point that 1 company in 20 states does all the work. Which means that FOOD processing in Shipped out of state, handled 2-3-4 times then SOMETHING is sent back. (SOMETHING is the key word)

    You might grow potatoes, and process them, but then OTHER companies BUY then to place LABELS on them(ocean spay, green giant, …,…,,./… in another state. Adding to the price and price/COST 3-4 times) then shipped to a distribution system that MIGHT end up sending you PART of what your state created..

    Picking to processing to SHIPPING, to packaging to SHIPPING to distribution, to STORES to your HOME.. by the time it is done..its covered 4-6 states, then hits STORE distribution, safeway/albertsons/Fred meyers…then sent to stores covering 8-10 more states..
    AND every point, you are paying MORE people to handle it..Interstate transport taxes on EACH BORDER… the end product costs 4-10 times what the farmer PICKED it for..

    RECENT prices for 100lbs of potatoes at the FARMER…$3..I hope you can do the math. Think about McD french much you pay for 4oz(1/4 pound)

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