Meat, Meet Schmeat

I’d give it a try. I’m not a vegan. But, if I can get decent meat without having to kill anyone (or have someone else kill someone on my behalf), I’d go for it. Anyone else?

Meet ‘Schmeat’: Lab-grown meat hits the grill this month

And, don’t forget, we’re all meat all the way through. So, if I can get my meat while showing some more respect for other meat, I’m game, so to speak.

P.S. It seems obvious to me that as this technology matures, we should be seeing our choice of schbeef, schpork, or schicken. Might we also hope for a future with schduck, schlamb, schvenison, schmoose, schelk, schcaribou/schreindeer, schwildebeest, schostrich, schkudu, scheland, schkangaroo, schgator, and even schfish like schark? The last would save millions from the brutal and incredibly cruel practice of shark-finning. How about schwale? There’s just no humane way to kill a whale. Such a variety of schmeat could protect a number of species, even if they are not the most popularly eaten species. I guess we need some discussion on the goals. I have no idea how long it might be before schmeat becomes indistinguishable from the meat from which it is grown.


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