Vandalism and Theft: How Very … um … Christian

Would Christians tolerate this from atheists? I doubt it.

Would Christians really resort to breaking a commandment from their God in an effort to put down atheists? Apparently yes.

Would mainstream Christians stand up and condemn the extremists in their ranks for their lawbreaking and commandment-breaking? The silence is deafening.

What about the mainstream media reports of such incidents? (a cricket chirps)

But, the first amendment guarantees our right to free speech, right? Not if police won’t enforce infringements upon those rights.

America’s shameful Christian crime spree

Moderate Christians: Stand up to this sort of thing. Show us some outrage that your Christian brethren would act this way. Prove your Christian values. Or, have you already done so with your silence?


10 Responses to Vandalism and Theft: How Very … um … Christian

  1. ECA says:

    for those that dont understand PEOPLE/HUMANS
    Justification is a great thing.
    In history we note that the OLD wars in the middle east were started by Christians saying “ITS MINE, and you cant have it”(Jerusalem)..Fighting against other nations to CLAIM something thats Neither NEAR the England/EU..and not of any consequence..

    its just a way to PASS responsibility..I DIDNt do it, its the American way.
    ITS NOT, the AMERICAN WAY..its the CORPORATE FASHION. Get the nation to do the JOB, and its almost FREE.
    CHRIST did not create WAR/fighting…

  2. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    And with a dose of hatred by
    Chrissy Satterfield!

    What a bitch.

    Published 07/07/2010 @ 12:00 a.m.

    C. Satterfield said:
    “Just when I started believing there is no hope for our country I get a little reminder from our god that all is not lost.”

    My reply:
    –Tell me c.s.? Why is your god so full of hatred? But, since gods do not exist then the real question isn’t about a peoples invented superhero, is it?
    No. So I forward the question to you, c.s..

    Please, c.s.I implore you…do not walk down this path of hatred towards something of which you have no clear understanding. Please?

    I myself have walked down that path, and didn’t like the monster I became.–

    I tried posting this 5 hours after (Aaron Hawryluk’s) post; but to no avail.
    I guess it was very offensive to them? Who knows.

    That was my plea to a bat shit crazy bitch, and I believe that I was well within the guidelines of their commenting policy. But I guess a blank post is what I get for trying to be compassionate towards a fellow, human?

    Oh well. I don’t think I’ll ever try and do that again on a website full of simpleminded fuck-tards!

    Willfully numb and deluded

    • Since she’s not actually mentioned by name in the article I posted. Her opinion is linked to only with the text “Said one blogger”. So, to clear this up for anyone who didn’t click through that link and not the name of the blogger, Chrissy Satterfield is the bitch blogger who advocates vandalism against atheists.

      BTW, please note that I feel the term fuck-tard or fucktard is actually quite offensive to good and decent developmentally challenged individuals. As it is short for fucking retard, it is insulting to the educably mentally retarded, trainably mentally retarded, and severely mentally retarded alike. Most such people are highly unlikely to be as mind-numbingly stupid as someone who thinks that her beliefs are somehow vandalized by a billboard containing a piece of the text of the original, pre-McCarthyism, pledge of allegiance.

      • The Expulsion Of Gods says:

        Umm…I see your point, Scott. Sorry. But it was never an intention to insult the mentally challenged at all. So you’re correct, Scott. And from this day forward I’ll be referring to (chrissy satterfield) as just another fucking christian idiot.

        My apologies if I’ve offended any mentally challenged people.

        All the best

  3. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    Hi again!

    I’ve been thinking about the resent change regarding nouns.
    A person, place, thing, quality, event, or (idea).

    And since they’re into covering (ideas) – like, say, the (bible) I’ll no longer be capitalizing the name of something we find to be nonexistent, like say, for instance – god.

    Sorry christians, I find no comfort in that idea.

    Take care

    • Interesting change. I like it. I don’t agree. But, I like it. For me, I will still capitalize the word god when I am using it as a proper noun for the Judeo-Christian-Islamic desert war god and will use lowercase when referring to the idea of any random deity. For example, not only do I not believe in God, I do not believe in any gods. To me, this is no different than capitalizing Zeus or Pinocchio because they are proper names.

  4. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    One day tucker, you’ll lose the ability of protection that’s surrounding you for the moment…then nothing will stop those who wish to cause to you harm from doing so.

    Whoa! I think that I’ve just advocated for someone to kick fucker’s ass.

    It’s very apparent he’s very much in love with himself and cares nothing for the lives he may destroy.

    –With an on-air grin, a (fabricated rostrum) co-host who opposes a pland Atheist monument in Florida said the bench will likely be vandalized.–

    And so, as usual, fucker carlsick would love to get involved and perhaps even make payment to someone for the defacement of an Atheist monument? Really?

    When this happens; I, as well as others will be calling for his removal, and the removal of the show called
    “fuck America & friends”.

    Oops! It seems there’s a few typos present. And, it also seems I may have sent this before I could make any corrections too. Damnit?
    Oh well.

    Scott? I don’t know about you, but I believe tucker is (bent?) Possibly (over?).

    What an idiot

  5. Fucker Carlsick (I like that) is certainly using his position at Faux Spews to actively recommend vandalism. I’m sure that’s well within that beautiful Christian ethic on which this country was most certainly not founded.

    He’s also demonstrating why we don’t respect him or the priest on the show. Respect is earned. Shows like that will not earn the religiose any respect from me.

    For my part, I do not wish to cause him harm. Nor do I advocate anyone else doing so. I’d rather show that atheists have better morals than Fucker Carlsick and Father Moresick.

    These guys have all the morals of a spoiled four year old who says, “It’s my ball and I’m leaving” and then gets upset that others call him on being a spoiled four year old.

    No that’s not quite right. They have all the morals of a bully taking lunch money from the weaker and getting upset that the lunch money victim calls him a bully.

    Religion today is that bully, except more violent.

    And yes, by not paying their taxes and making us pay their share, they are indeed taking our lunch money.

    • The Expulsion Of Gods says:

      Well said, Scott!

      I’m really not not wishing fucker any harm, but I know lots of people that are very conservative that absolutely despise that little fucker, and do wish him the worst that life can possibly offer.

      Sorry, but not all conservatives find him so pleasant, nor picture perfect to boot.

      We Atheists certainly have a lot better morals than, fucker, or the warrior priest. At least most of us.

      But I’m afraid that at some point a war may come because of people like those that spur their hatred towards all that don’t agree with them at “fiction corporation” and other conservitive mouthpieces of that ilk. And then they’d go crying about it too.

      I was once a part of the conservitive movement…but no more.

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