God Made a Factory Farmer??!!?

Dodge trucks made what just might be the worst Stupor Bowl ad ever. If not, I don’t want to see what’s worse. But, Funny Or Die made a good parody of it. Unfortunately, to get the parody, you must first waste two minutes of your life watching the original ad. If you’ve already seen the Dodge Trucks Stupor Bowl ad, by all means, spare yourself. You do not need to watch that crap again.

Here’s the crappy original ad in all it’s lackluster, non-glorious, boring entirety.

And, now that you’ve wasted those two minutes, enjoy the spoof.

Now that you’ve seen the spoof, my one criticism of it is that they didn’t even mention that when even HFCS was not enough to sell all of the corn, they went to corn ethanol. Corn ethanol, when it’s not made into good bourbon but is instead made into car fuel has all the benefit of taking diesel fuel, pouring it into farm equipment, and thereby turning it into alcohol that won’t burn as well as the diesel fuel did. So, it destroys your car’s gas mileage while taking about as much energy to produce it as it gives back. In winter, it can save you from buying gas line antifreeze. But, that’s about the best thing that can be said for it. Oh … and it makes a ton of money for the likes of Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland. If you consider that a benefit, then yay!!

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