God Is Too Busy To Stop Wars & Starvation

At last, we finally know why God is too busy to stop wars and solve hunger. It’s not just because He is too busy creating droughts, floods, extreme storms, wildfires, and all the rest. It’s because he’s busy interfering in the fair competitions of sporting events. Instead of allowing sporting events to remain fair, the Lord God Ruler of the Universe feels the need to get involved on the field and choose the winner.

At least, a quarter of Americans feel that this is what He is doing.

Poll: Quarter of Americans say God influences sporting events

Why can’t humans dream up a god who is superior to us? What’s the point of creating an imaginary friend to whom one can pray for the temporary suspension of the laws of physics if said imaginary friend is no better than we are?

For the record, count me among the small number who disapprove of the expressions of faith mentioned in the article. I disapprove for the same reason I disapprove of thanking god for rain after a drought. Why not blame god for the drought in the first place?


9 Responses to God Is Too Busy To Stop Wars & Starvation

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    If you take the time to read Bernstein and Yochelson regards “Pathological Errors in Thinking” in their tome on the Criminal Personality, it becomes crystal clear where the problem lies! Assuming and attributing a personality to god is probably error number 1.
    The former Barbara Fromme on her CBC Radio interview program asked Yochelson if there are a similar number of non pathological errors in thinking in every day life, to which he replied after some thought, “I think you are right! I had not thought about it that way before!”
    Reference material:

    “…gives correctional counselors a blueprint to begin the serious work of criminal rehabilitation.” — (Robert B. Mills, 1995)

    “…marks a turning point in the history of efforts to rehabilitate criminals.” — (W. Edward Naugler, 1995)

    “This exhaustive and painstaking study marks a turning point in the history of efforts to rehabilitate criminals.” — (W. Edward Naugler, 1995)
    About the Author
    Samuel Yochelson, Ph.D., M.D., was until his death in 1976, director of the Program for the Investigation of Criminal Behavior at Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, D.C. and research professor of clinical psychiatry at George Washington University School of Medicine Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in Alexandria, Virginia. He is also the co-author of The Criminal Personality, Volume II: The Change Process, and The Criminal Personality: Volume I, A Profile for Change.

    These multiple research library volumes took more than a decade of research to compile, along with much thought and review by the author and his mentor.

    • Assuming and attributing a personality to god is probably error number 1.

      I don’t know Rodnikov. I thought error number 1 was assuming any gods exist. Error number 2 is assuming that one or more gods have the type of personality that would cheat at football. I guess such a god is probably making bets on the game to supplement declining income from churches.

  2. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    Though I find your articles articulate, very well mannored, appealing, and one of the most notable works of intelligable blogs I’ve seen in a while…but shouldn’t you be in celebration in the observable that only (27%) of Americans are “likely to believe that their very (DELINQUENT) god plays a role in the outcome at sporting events?
    Am I missing something here? Does that not state a decline?

    Look, I know that christians need
    obvious improvements in other areas at which we need to point the way, but instead of allowing the conservative (cnn) tamper your very intelligent mind, perhaps you could think in matters of the converse?

    • Interesting thought. I have no idea whether the question had been asked previously. In the absence of prior polls with the same question, the easiest answer is:

      I have no idea.

      I’m not sure how belief that there are any gods correlates with the belief that they interfere in sports. Presumably, only those who believe in deities would believe they interfere. However, I could see declining belief at the same time as increasing belief in interference with sporting events or vice versa.

      Really the trend would be related to just how personal these gods get.

      We know that in one myth, God the Father got pretty damned personal with one Holy Mary Mother of God and her mother in order for the myth of The Immaculate Conception and The Incarnation of Christ (2 separate events; 2 separate virgins; look ’em up) to have allegedly taken place.

  3. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    I think that maybe you’ve misinterpreted my response regarding “previous” polls that may, or may not have been administered in relation to this one, and I’d like to clarify if I may?

    Note my question:

    – but shouldn’t you be in celebration in the observable that only (27%) of Americans are likely to believe that their very (DELINQUENT) god plays a role in the outcome at sporting events? –

    Here, I’m only making the proposal to observe the obvious, and to consider that the number is rather small in relation to other more primitive times.
    An example of this would be to contemplate from that of the (50’s) onward to today…in comparison there were far fewer atheists, agnostics, etcetera than there is today. However, I do realize there are pricks (oh’ um) “representatives” that seek to to change that at the moment – let us hope they don’t flourish in that venture.

    I think that I should also note the way (cnn) is promoting their (belief blog) in trying to establish their religious disease through (tabloid sensationalism).

    Note the method in which (cnn) uses to lure christians into thinking they’ve gained any ground, and to provoke others as well.

    From cnn’s religious bullshit blog:
    – Poll: Quarter of Americans say God influences Sporting Events
    By Dan Marcia, and the con-jobs at cnn your no news source!

    Washington (cnn) – with millions of Americans set to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a new survey finds more than quarter of Americans believe that God”plays a role in determining which team wins” at Sports Events. –

    Didn’t you notice the careful wording, and deliberate deception here?
    Yeah, that’s right.

    Now, here’s the article from the (PRRI)

    – Survey| Nearly 3-in-10 Americans say God plays a Role in Outcomes of Sports Events

    Less then a week before Super Bowl XLVII Americans are (less) likely to believe that God plays a role in the outcome at sporting events than they are to believe God rewards religious athletes. –

    Now…which of these articles represent a more bias tabloid view than the other?
    Well the choice seems rather obvious, doesn’t it?

    The news organization (cnn) simply wishes to get a reaction from from all sides by selling you a product, while at the same time, pushing religious propaganda for our religious controlled government, and the clergy.

    In the future, my only hope is that you don’t allow any tabloids like (cnn) to control the conversation because (cnn’s) under venomous control of corrupt conservatives…whether by democrats or republicans. As for myself, cnn is but a shadow of its former self. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • I’m not seeing either of the statements by CNN or by PRRI as less biased than the other. Both are legitimate literal interpretations of the results.

      To me, the depressing thing is that this is A) newsworthy and B) not highly criticized.

      Even reasonable religious folks should be able to interpret this statement as rather sad. The Lord God Creator of the Universe, The Supreme Being, The King of Kings, has nothing better to do than involve himself in sporting events in a way that could best be described as cheating?


      As an atheist, I find this comical and silly. Were I a religious person, I’d find it insulting to God. So, where are the religious folks at CNN saying, “Guys, you’re fucking nuts!! God has more important things to do that cheat at sports.”

      Where is the rightful derision in either article about this?

      As for CNN being a shadow of its former self, yes. But, you have to go quite far back in time to find a CNN that was a respectable news organization. You’d probably have to go back before Gulf War 1. Once they got the high ratings for that war, it was probably all over.


  4. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Its all variation on a number of ways to express the issue. Is god involved in day to day operation of the universe or did he only create the initial conditions and walk away?

    Does god know the outcome of all events or does he avert his attention in some way?

    What is the nature of free will.

    And so forth.

    Its ALL asking how many angels dance on the head of pins.

    Questions regarding how many people believe god intervenes, or merely has pre ordained?, sports events says nothing about god and everything about how stupid people are.

    No god worthy of the name cares what we think. Just look.

    • Its all variation on a number of ways to express the issue. Is god involved in day to day operation of the universe or did he only create the initial conditions and walk away?

      Clearly, we’re not talking about the god of Spinoza (created initial conditions and walked away) here. That god would change nothing in the universe and hence is irrelevant. That god may as well be the big bang.

      And, as you know, I’m an atheist. So, what we’re really discussing here is people’s beliefs about god(s).

      This post is intended to point out how silly it is to believe in a god who influences sporting events (perhaps because he bets on them?) but cannot be bothered to fix a whole host of very serious problems in the world.

      Men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child. — Robert Heinlein

      To me, this is especially the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God. Were any god(s) to exist, they would be worthy of contempt rather than worship and derision rather than praise.

      To those who believe, if your god is busy cheating at sporting events, perhaps you might ask him/her to take some time out of his/her busy day and do some good in the world instead.

      Better yet, learn a bit of science and drop your god on his/her pointy little head. Doing so might free up some of your time and allow you to do some good in the world or at the very least to take the time to enjoy your life.

      It’s the only one you get. It’s too precious to waste on delusional beliefs.

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