Scientists Respond to Creationism

Unfortunately, scientists are still in the position of having to respond to complete and utter bullshit. There are some good responses in here to why this is a real problem. Unfortunately, I bet there will be induhviduals who respond on this thread in defense of creationism. If you are about to do so, please make sure to at least watch the video first.

My favorite response in this particular video is the one regarding the human eye and jaw as they reflect on the incompetency of god and provide better evidence of unintelligent design than the other kind.

2 Responses to Scientists Respond to Creationism

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    People who believe in Creationism, lack a sense of abstract reasoning. They cannot think of a World that does not have a creator in the form of a personality! aka god is good, god does not want you to do such and such, or likewise a devil personality.
    Furthermore, the religious tend to brainwash their children from an early age in their particular ideology. But when you honestly evaluate these religions against a strict moral code, they fail the test in many cases.
    What I would like to see is a statistical analysis of the crime conviction rates for Christians, Jews, Moslems, versus Atheists, and Agnostics. I think there might be some surprises!

    • I have heard that by percentage, there are far fewer atheists convicted of crimes in the U.S. However, as an honest atheist, I must say that I have not seen all that much that is reliable, at least in a quick search of the web. And, to play advocate to all of the gods ever dreamed up for a moment, a difficult task for me, I would point out that even if atheists were convicted at the same rate as believers, the prison population would likely have a death of atheists. Why? Well, if you want parole, pardon, or other exit visa from prison, it helps in this country to be religious. People will often forget, if not truly forgive a crime if they hear that the perpetrator has “found religion”. That is a far more powerful enticement than mere proselytizing. So, even if the prison population were to start out with the same demographics as the general population, it would shift toward religion over time.

      I’m done advocating for the gods now. They can all go fuck themselves or each other.

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