Perhaps We Have the Government We Deserve

They say that we get the government we deserve. I have long disagreed and thought that the government was far worse than we actually deserve. However, after reading this, I have to wonder.

Is it possible that the government is actually better than we-the-idiots deserve?

“My God, What Have We Done?”: White House Staffers React to Insane Online Petitions

We like to think that the people are not so bad as to deserve a senate that would have members stating “I’m going to talk forever!” and then they all go home as if there really is someone talking forever … when there isn’t. We like to think that the people in this country are better than a house of representatives that would vote against aid for hurricane victims based on partisan politics.

But, then we see that 34,000 of we-the-idiots actually signed a petition that required a senior staff member to waste time responding to the demand that we build the actual death star from Star Wars!!

Star Wars isn’t even science fiction! It’s fantasy. With the magic of the force and no scientific hypothesis suggesting a reason that people could travel faster than light, not to mention the fact that they state that this happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far away”, rather than in the future, this fails to even have a hint of scientific hypothesis behind it. And yet, 34,000 people seriously signed a petition to the president asking for the death star.

Perhaps they thought it was a funny joke? Probably. But, they decided to waste the time of a senior white-house official as part of their joke. It’s as if they thought the government was actually too effective and needed to be slowed down.

So, again, I ask, is it possible that the government is actually better than we-the-idiots deserve?

Please read the article. You won’t believe the list of petitions that have received enough signatures to require a response from the president’s administration per their own rules.

P.S. As for secession, isn’t it time we lose the civil war? We freed the slaves. Let’s let the south secede. I’m all for it.

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