27 Years and Counting Since Our Last Cooler Than Average Month

Check out this link to see some of the more interesting changes since our last cooler than average month. Back to the Future was in theaters for a ticket price of $2.75. Now we’re just a couple of years away from getting our hoverboards. Yay!!


9 Responses to 27 Years and Counting Since Our Last Cooler Than Average Month

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    I fully believe that there is Global Warming, but I need to see proof that this is not a natural phenomenon that is being exacerbated by human activities! This Planet has gone through many warming and cooling cycles before and will continue to do so. What I have not seen is an unbiased audit of what is normal/natural and what is driven by the ever expanding human hordes! Do we even have computers big enough and fast enough to do the proper complete computation, if we even had all of the data necessary? I suspect that the partial collection(s) we now have are insufficient to do the crunching to the required level!

    • Really, it’s actually not that complicated. We know the amount of heat trapped by a CO2 molecule. This was known in the late 1800s. So, then all we need to know is the amount of CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere.

      Unfortunately, the specifics of your question were answered more than a decade ago and finding peer reviewed papers on the subject is getting hard. What I remember from years ago when some scientists were actually talking about solar cycles and cosmic rays were that those articles attributed 5-15% of climate change at that time on solar variability. One article put the range at 5-30%. The 5-15% was from 3 other articles.

      That would leave humans as responsible for at least 70%, even if you believed the outlier.

      Today, I think the question is mostly ignored because we’re supposed to be cooling and are instead warming. The solar cycle of warming has ended. We are now supposed to be cooling. However, as the site above points out, it is now 27 years, 9 months and counting since the last time our planet has seen a month of cooler than average temperatures. The solar cycle is 22 years. There are other pieces of the Milankovich cycles on larger time scales but with less influence. Either way, the net from the Milankovich cycles says that we should now be cooling.

      Does this look like we’re cooling to anyone?

      Clearly, whatever the exact percentage, we’re overwhelming the natural variability.

      Further, some of what you assume requires climate modeling, is actually quite simple. It has been known since 1896 that CO2 causes warming and that human emissions of CO2 would thus warm the planet.


      That this is controversial to anyone has a lot more to do with the fact that the fossil fuel companies have 27 trillion dollars in fossil fuel reserves, representing about 5 times as much as we can burn and still stay below 2 degrees C of warming. So, they throw huge amounts of money at providing disinformation. The have to do so. Else, they would be throwing away more than 20 trillion dollars worth of their primary assets.

      These assets are already on their balance sheets.

      Would you be willing to spend some millions on disinformation to protect 20 trillion in assets? So would they!


      I’ll keep looking for some of those older articles. Perhaps I posted them a few years ago. Maybe I can find them in my old blog posts.

  2. Cerberus says:

    Hello, Mr Scott, Mr Magillovich.

    If you Google ‘global warming’ you’ll find an article in Wikipedia from NASA giving an analysis from the 1800s to 2011.

    Sorry I’ll not provide some details, because I’m rather sick at the moment. But, I’ll say this:

    The United States has less than half of its Forrest’s, trees, and trees are one of our biggest contributors of oxygen, right?
    So my question is:

    What do you think will happen when most, if not all the trees are gone? There are nearly “7 billion” of us right now, and so, do really think we aren’t effecting our environment right now.

    If you don’t think we are, then that’s something you’re choosing to ignoring at your own peril. There’s a reason the oil companies are trying to kill any real study on climate change.

    The oil companies wish to keep you addicted. Wouldn’t want to give up any power, would they? Nope.

    • Cerberus says:

      Sorry that post didn’t turn out well. But, like I said, I’m not feeling well at the moment.

      Hope you both have a good day.

  3. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    Cerberus, it is also known that in the 300 years since James Watt built the first usable steam engine, we Homo sap.s have denuded our Planet of over 50% of the forest cover! So please start thinking GLOBALLY, not just America or N. America!
    At age 72 1/2 with a still very good memory [Alzheimer’s runs in my Mom’s family] I can distinctly recall as a 3 and 4 year old in Sask. that on most Winter mornings we had to break the ice in the water pail with the dipper to get a drink then to make breakfast and coffee! There were no electric lights, only gasoline mantle lamps or coal oil lanterns! The fire in the kitchen stove [great cast iron Beatty with nice enamel panels] had to be re-stoked with wood and coal, and you hoped that a few embers remained alive from last night or else it was use some crumpled newspaper with the kindling and a match! We were not old order Amish, but regular folk living in a Grain Elevator house. A huge natural gas field had been found under foot only a few years earlier, but development had been delayed by the raging WW2 at this time!
    These conditions were much less primitive than those that the previous generation of homesteaders suffered here in the Great White North! I know beyond a doubt that today’s generation are not prepared or trained to cope with what this Earth can throw at them without using the various Carbon units available to survive and prosper! Maybe I could hook up a team of horses from memory of seeing my family and acquaintances do it, but the day of horse pulling power is not capable of providing the needs of modern society even if we could deal with all of the horse shit!
    And as long as we are democracies, reducing the dependance on gasoline, diesel, propane is not going to happen. Currently in my area [ Southern Ontario] most of our electricity is nuclear generated with some hydro, and a growing Nat. Gas Co-gen %!
    But as long as we have a Prime Minister from Imperious Ahso, we won’t be able to get our commuter rail corridor switched from diesel to electric powered! Plus when you have a huge land area with a deep cold in Winter and far fewer residents in comparison to most other nations, it does not sell! The sentiment about Global Warming is BRING IT ON BABY! At this moment the Edmonton Journal reports -19 C. degrees = -2.2 F.! and this can be -40 in both scales in just a few hours, -50 is not rare, either it is damn solid!

  4. ECA says:

    I have to mention a few details from the past..
    When I was younger, 60′-70’s my home town averaged 3 fet of snow each year.. in my teens..it never did.
    Even now, in the location Im in, in the 80’s there were always some great snow storms, every one remembers the 10 foot snow drifts. They havent seen those since the 80’s..

    In all that time a few things have happened. MOSTLY farms were taken over from the FARMERS, and are now GROWN to the point that they are no longer DEALING with the old farmers ways…”MAKE enough food for the nation”, NOW we make enough food for 1/2 the world. And poison it while we do it.

    Something we did in the past, which Pissed off the corps, was REGULATION. we got tired of living in POLLUTION, and finding our kids DIEING for no reason, except that we were living in a DUMPING ground from the 1940-60.. MOSt paid small fines and walked away.. remember ‘MADE IN JAPAN’ JAPAN QUIT the heavy manufacturing..because of pollution.

    Iv mentioned to MS before, and I will say it again. CO2 is only PART of it. Do you wonder why Brazil is cutting down forests? SUGAR CANE for FUEL and Land for food. They are tires\d of paying the USA for grains.. Until we can find a better way, it will Keep happening.

    To bring back the forests, you will have to think harder, as we need MORE. We need Europe and the USA to stop making more foods then they need. We need to make FOOD a NON-COMMODITY, a NON-product that is for sale. We need to get other nations to CREATE food.

    Pollution is STILL a problem. we need to develope NEW ways to do things. I dont care if we try Solar heat for melting metals and plastics.. but there are only a few area this is viable..

    For those that dont get it..
    Think of the world as a BUBBLE, with a certain pressure. You cant raise that pressure. What we FILL the bubble with STAYS HERE..so dont FART to much.

    • CO2 is indeed far from our only problem. In fact, the cause of the CO2, human overpopulation, is far greater. But, climate change is a very immediate problem. It is the biggest side effect of our human overpopulation. And, for anyone who has read “Under a Green Sky”, which is listed on my books page, the thought that we are likely causing another P/T level extinction event makes it a very urgent problem indeed. Were we to drop human population by, say, a factor of 100, perhaps we could forget about climate change … and many of our other problems as well. But, we’re not reducing population either.

      So, with population what it is, climate change is our largest and most immediate problem.

      How would you address overpopulation in our present global political climate? Doesn’t the thought of doing so make climate change look like a piece of cake to solve? All we need to do is change our power sources.

      • ECA says:

        There are some neat processes for cleaning the CO2..
        But CORPS wont do them, unless they are getting paid 100 times the cost..
        there is 1 that even generates POWER..

        I want you to think about something Strange.. WHERE does all the Co2 come from that we use in SODA POP?

      • Why do you feel the source of CO2 for soda is relevant? It is certainly not a lasting carbon sink. Carbon goes into the soda at production and is released when consumed. The net result is carbon neutral.

        As for your carbon scrubbing tech for the air, please post links to some of these processes. I was not aware that there are any means more effective than planting trees.

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