UN Predicts: Global Food Crisis 2013

I’m sure many who read my blog have been convinced for a while that I’m somewhat of a fear monger with respect to climate change and overpopulation. Perhaps. Before you make up your mind, read this:

UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

The figures come as one of the world’s leading environmentalists issued a warning that the global food supply system could collapse at any point, leaving hundreds of millions more people hungry, sparking widespread riots and bringing down governments. In a shocking new assessment of the prospects of meeting food needs, Lester Brown, president of the Earth policy research centre in Washington, says that the climate is no longer reliable and the demands for food are growing so fast that a breakdown is inevitable, unless urgent action is taken.

Good thing climate change is just a hoax. Dig hole in sand. Insert head. Fill in hole. Ignorance is bliss.

“Armed aggression is no longer the principal threat to our future. The overriding threats to this century are climate change, population growth, spreading water shortages and rising food prices,” Brown says.

3 Responses to UN Predicts: Global Food Crisis 2013

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    I disagree that armed aggression is not a major threat. It is probabaly one of the quickest solutions to the over-copulation/food crisis!
    And place Syria up in a serious position on the hit list! Go Turkey, Go!!!

    • Joining you in insomnia, I respectfully request that you read the quote again Rodnikov. Read it literally and exactly. It is very specific. It said, “armed aggression is no longer the principal threat to our future.” Yes, it is one threat, just not the principal threat to our future. And, if armed aggression occurs as a result of the other factors Mr. Brown mentions, then armed aggression is, by definition, a lesser threat than its cause.

      Also, armed aggression has long been a short term threat to individuals and even whole nations. But, it has never yet threatened the survival of our species. Population growth and it’s most immediate, severe, and urgent consequence, climate change do threaten the very survival of our species, and a great many other species with whom we share the planet.

      Note that when we begin to fight over dwindling resources, it is the fact that resources are dwindling, not the fighting that is the threat.

      • I probably should have put that last paragraph in the past tense. Many now believe that the Rwanda genocide was a Malthusian conflict over dwindling resources. Even Ban Ki Moon has acknowledged this.

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