A Vote For Obamacare

Obamacare gets my vote: Romney and Ryan’s alternative nearly killed me

Under the influence of the painkiller Dilaudid, and dog-tired after another day of fighting for my life with my private health insurance company, I glimpsed Mitt Romney and his running-mate, Paul Ryan, entering my Los Angeles hospital room dressed in surgical gowns with scalpels in their hands ready to fatally operate on me.

It was a drug-induced hallucination, of course. But the mirage made me sit bolt upright in bed and, fully awake, start to rethink my previous, bitterly dissenting view of Barack Obama.

Note that Clancy Sigal also points out how much simpler it would have been to get coverage under medicare rather than private insurance. But, a quirk in his union benefits left him with private, for-profit, denial of health care insurance rather than medicare, despite being an age that would qualify him for medicare.

So, if you want quality health care …
or if you want separation of church and state …
or if you support abortion rights …
or if you support gay marriage …
or if you don’t believe in the same god Mitt Romney believes that ALL Americans believe in (he said this at the end of the debate “We all believe in the same God.” I guess there are no Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, or nones in Romney’s America.) …
or you don’t believe abstinence only education is the way to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies …
or if you believe climate change is real …
or if you don’t want to see the global gag rule reinstated (you know it would be under Romney) …
or … … …

there’s just no choice but to hold your nose, vote for Obama, and wash your hands afterwards.

Would that we had better realistic options. But, we don’t. Please, get out and vote. Young people, especially the religiously unaffiliated, this presidency will determine your rights for decades! Our next president will likely get to appoint at least 2 supreme court justices. Vote!

2 Responses to A Vote For Obamacare

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    Some years back when I was running freight to the USA and bringing back hauls home to Canada, I think I was somewhere in Kentucky during your Federal Election Day. After getting my trailer loaded, the young fellows on the dock said come with us, we are all going to the poll to vote. I said, I can’t do that, I am a Canadian, and am not elligible. The one guy said, oh don’t worry about that, we will vouch for you!
    Yah right, that would be cuffs and crowbar hotel if I got got caught, besides I have too much respect for your country and the process to do that. [I always vote here in Canada where I am elligible!]
    Well I do give them credit for trying to round up everyone to go vote, but I am not impressed with what I felt was gang mentality!
    Voting should be the final step in a process of logical thinking and decision making IMNSHO!

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. I would strongly recommend that everyone vote. But, I will not be rounding anyone up to take them to the polls.

      Ever wonder how nations like the former Soviet Union had 100% voter turnout? There’s your answer! How do you think the party was always able to claim that they got 100% of the vote. Everyone voted. It was not optional. And, there was only one lever.

      Here in the U.S., we do have the option to not vote or to cast your vote for someone guaranteed not to win, like Bilbo Baggins or Dennis Kucinich, either of whom would be better than our current choices even though one is a fictional character. Unfortunately, there is no way to vote against both the repugnicans and democraps without throwing one’s vote away. Two parties are better than one. But, no parties would be better than two.

      Also, approval voting would be a huge help. So would eliminating the electoral college.

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