Impeach Congressman Paul Broun

Congressman Paul Broun has publicly stated that he is deliberately failing to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America. As such, he should be forcibly removed from office for the failure to follow his oath of office. Here is a direct quote from this idiot who has proclaimed that the earth is 9,000 years old, and that evolution, the big bang theory, and embryology are lies straight from the pit of hell.

As you congressman, I hold the holy bible as being the major directions to me for how I vote in Washington DC. And, I’ll continue to do that.

Paul Broun’s act of legislating based on his personal religious beliefs is in direct contradiction to this famous quote.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….

You probably recognize this as the first piece of the first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. Therefore, Paul Broun is not only failing to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States, he is actively opposed to it. How do these religious nut jobs convince anyone that they are the defenders of our constitutional rights when in fact they work actively to undermine the constitution?

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to legislate my freedom away!

By the way, for his failure to acknowledge evolution, the science upon which all of modern medicine is built, he should also have his license to practice medicine revoked. If you don’t believe that all of modern medical science is founded upon evolution, just consider the vast amount that is built on animal testing. Whatever you may think about the ethics of animal testing, just consider why it actually works.

If we are not related to mice, rats, guinea pigs, pigs, monkeys, and apes, in that order, then why does testing on these animals tell us anything about how the drug or treatment will work in humans?!

Listen to this mind bogglingly stupid induhvidual for yourself. If you agree with him, feel free to make a fool of yourself his case here. Good luck. I can’t wait.

Republican congressman Paul Broun dismisses evolution and other theories

Oh yeah. If this one isn’t enough to make you nauseated, let’s also impeach this other moran (Representative John Shimkus) for the same reason. I certainly don’t see how anyone is helped by having someone aid in the destruction of the planet because he thinks his imaginary friend made some promise to a fictional character.

Congressman: God’s Promise To Noah Protects Us From Global Warming

6 Responses to Impeach Congressman Paul Broun

  1. Rodnikov Magillovich says:

    In logic, if you have freedom of religion, you must also have freedom from religion for it to be a valid principle.
    Those who are so brainwashed in the ultra prostelizing denominations vigorously deny that the US Constitution also guarantees freedom from religion! This is one that needs to be ruled on by the Supreme Court if it has not done so already!

  2. Of course, I strongly agree with you Rod. I’m not sure whether SCOTUS has ruled on this. I do know that it was the intent of the founders, especially Thomas Jefferson who was himself a non-believer. That’s why Texas is trying to expunge Jefferson from our text books.

  3. Update: Darwin is running against this idiot. Please note that even a dead Darwin probably has more brain power than Paul Broun and so, is the more qualified candidate. Since I do not believe in an afterlife, please take this to mean that leaving the seat empty would be better than filling it with someone whose intelligence has gone into negative numbers, or even possibly imaginary numbers.

    • While I certainly agree and would support writing in Darwin, I’m anal-retentive enough that I must take issue with this quote from the article above.

      “It makes Republicans look like knee-dragging, still-tending, tobacco-spitting Neanderthals,” Boortz said.

      My issues are:

      1. I think Boortz probably meant knuckle-dragging.
      2. Neanderthals walked upright.
      3. Neanderthals had greater brain-size to body-weight than we do, so should not be used as an icon for stupidity. I bet even a developmentally challenged neanderthal would be much smarter than Paul Broun.

  4. Cerberus says:

    I’d bet that even a gorilla has more brain power.
    Why he quite probably uses his bible as a suppository! Or toilet paper.

    It’s pages are soft. Just saying.

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