God Goes on a Bender

From the description on Amazon, this sounds as plausible as most mainstream religion and more plausible than some newer ones like Mormonism and Scientology. I probably won’t read this, but do find the description funny. Perhaps if I end up with a bit of extra time on my hands and need a good laugh, I’ll give it a try.

God Goes on a Bender

2 Responses to God Goes on a Bender

  1. Cerberus says:

    Good one Scott!
    Looks like a fun read. I wonder…
    Perhaps this is why the desert king is never able to show himself?

  2. IMNSHO of course, the desert war god never shows himself because he quite simply doesn’t exist. But, believers in the myth sure do show themselves to exist and make real pains in the ass of themselves in doing so.

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