Monsanto Addresses Overpopulation!

Great news! Someone is dealing with the biggest environmental problem in the world. Most environmental groups won’t even say the word. But, Monsanto is actively addressing the real issue, the cause of climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, deforestation, all forms of pollution, world hunger, and possibly even war.

Monsanto has taken it upon themselves to address overpopulation.

This is great news folks. If we do not limit our population, nature will limit it for us … mercilessly. So, when I read this, I was thrilled.

GMO Technology: Glyphosate Toxicity Leaving Men Sterile

“… studies indicate that factors like glyphosate toxicity and GMO technologies could be playing a significant role in the growing number of men who struggle with fertility.”

Well, unfortunately for me, I had to pay money and undergo a mildly painful operation to achieve infertility. Too bad I didn’t just wait for Monsanto food. I might have even ended up with my own breasts as a bonus!

5 Responses to Monsanto Addresses Overpopulation!

  1. ECA says:

    If the bugs wont eat it,
    If the RATS/MICE wont eat it..
    Why should WE be willing to EAT IT??

    We already OVER PRODUCE food int he USA and 80% of it is shipped out for EXPORT.. this started in the 60-70’s as the OLD farmers couldnt get any money for crops..They sold the farms.. Corps came in and have been using MODIFIED farming procedures for YEARS.. trying to Over produce and EXPORT the excess..

  2. Just to keep things truly honest, have you seen what natural corn looks like? It’s called teosinte. Look at the difference between corn and teosinte.

    So, what we now do with genetically modified foods is really not all that different in theory to what we used to do by breeding plants.

    The real difference is what modifications we make. The idea of breeding plants that can tolerate roundup so that we can use toxic chemicals during farming and that those chemicals end up in our food is the really bad bit, at least in this case.

    There are other risks of GM foods for other genetic modifications, for example drug production. If those plants get loose in the wild, animals will be eating our pharmaceuticals. Who knows what that might mean?

  3. ECA says:

    Another problem tends to be TIME..
    The old farmers used to PROTECT THE SOIL, so that it would grow good crops, but now we Grow and grow and grow the same stuff, in 1 spot year over year, and need to add supplements
    The Supplements dont invade/.. the plant as well as the OLD WAY.. we are missing out on certain minerals and such from our foods.. We Grow TO MUCH, and to fast..
    Then add to this we MODIFY the food.
    DNA is like a FIXED mixture, and when you take 1 thing out, you can ADD something. but WHAT did you take out.
    We are STILL, just understanding DNA. And recently, we found out that the 90% Garbage DNA Actually DOES SOMETHING.

  4. ECA,

    I was not aware of the effects on the individual crops that you mention. Do you have an article that explains this in depth?

    In addition to those effects, however, other effects are also far-reaching. Top soil is being depleted at an alarming rate . Ground water is being pumped out way faster than it replenishes. Fertilizer runoff causes enormous hypoxic dead zones in what were once some of our richest fisheries.

    And, yes, our reliance on the three main staples of the human diet, wheat, rice, and corn to such a high degree leaves us without a balanced diet and with mostly empty calories. Don’t kid yourself that because you personally may eat lots of fruits and vegetables that the rest of humanity does the same. Most can’t afford to. Many don’t care to.

    And, if you’re eating factory farmed animals, they’re not much healthier for you than the diet they eat, i.e. Monsanto’s corn.

    Mad cow? That came from feeding cows to cows. Bad idea! What’s the effect of having chicken get their protein from fish meal? Who knows? Chicken and their relatives don’t eat a whole lot of fish in the wild. I wouldn’t want to guess how well their digestive tracts deal with it.

  5. ECA says:

    Problem we have is sorting out the Garbage Articles from any fact buried in them.
    Finding a study is very hard, as is finding PRE- 70’s food stuff, to compare it to.

    Compare this..

    To most things in the USA.. from food to Consumer products.

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