What if God exists?

What would you say upon meeting God at your death? For me, I’d do my best to get in one good shot. Before I get zapped for all eternity, I want to at least try to give God, whichever god I come to first, a punch in the nose.

But, I doubt if I could say anything much better than what Adam Brown says in this video.

5 Responses to What if God exists?

  1. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Loved it.

    My response is along the lines of this video, although probably not as well thought out and put together as this.

    I would have to pose this to god…..if a man during his lifetime could rape a young boy, cheat on his wife, be a drug addict, rob and steal to support his habit, make his wife have an abortion, and murder someone while committing an armed robbery, go to prison for said crimes and while there finds christianity and upon his death now gets admitted into heaven for his belief in jesus; why would an all loving, all merciful god sentence somone like me who has never committed a crime, never cheated on my wife, never killed a single person, but rather helped the poor, was a good friend, was a good family member, to hell for an eternity all because my so called god given mind could not accept the lack of any credible evidence of a deity? Yet the guy who breaks almost all of gods divine commandments, can accept the jesus myth on his deathbed and be exonerated?

    If this is the case, what does that say about god, about god’s commandments, and most importantly; what does it say about morality coming from god?

    No thanks god, there will be no begging from me; only scorn, and ridicule.

  2. This Old Dog says:

    To all christians.

    What if god exists?
    To which I say, (IRELEVENT!)

    What would I say upon meeting god at my death?
    To which I say, (IRELEVENT!!)
    Since I already know your that your fucking dog doesn’t exist in the first place, I say to you again, IRELEVENT, IRELEVENT, IRELEVENT!!

    Again, I say upon any so-called christians reading this!

    What the fuck did your dog do to save the (50+million) killed in Europe by the hand of those controlling the (Holy Roman Empire?!)

    What the fuck did your dog do when the Nazi’s slaughtered (6+ million) Jew’s, or the (55+million) killed in (WW2) to which (25+million) was killed in Russia alone!

    What did your fucking god do?!

    And what did your fucking dog do to save the (1,258,537) people killed under one (Joseph Stalin?!)


    The only thing I’ve ever see throughout history, as usual, is people pretending to be gods, people wanting to be something that doesn’t even exist!
    Yes, someone writing their own fucking Rantings in a book, pretending to know the mind of a deity and hoping all the while that your only too gullible to swallow it!
    This is their method to control you, and to rob of anything you have including your life!

    So fuck your god, fuck his magic, fuck the bible, and fuck you!!

    • When you watch Superman, you accept that he can fly. It’s in the premise. So too here, the premise is that an atheist dies and finds out that s/he was incorrect and that God really exists, in this case, as described in the New Testicle Testament.

      The idea is to turn Pascal’s Wager on its head and discuss what one might say to God if one dies and finds out that such a creature actually has the balls (thatchers?) to exist after all the mess s/he has caused.

      For those unfamiliar with the concept (though Cerberus likely is very familiar with it), Pascal’s Wager “posits that there’s more to be gained from wagering on the existence of god than from atheism, and that a rational person should live as though God exists, even though the truth of the matter can’t actually be known.” See wikipedia.

      Now, personally, I disagree. I think there is a huge cost to living as though God exists. First, there is the cost to one’s own self-image for living a disingenuous existence. Second, most versions of God want worship on a regular basis, thus eating into the precious time we have in this one and only one life we get that is all too short as it is. Third, accepting Pascal’s Wager ignores the very low likelihood that even if God exists one will be able to pick the right flavor of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion for getting into heaven. And, even that ignores the possibility that the Hindus are right and the possibility that it’s really the Greco-Roman gods who are in control and the possibility that really one should be trying to get into the Norse Valhalla by worshiping Odin.

      How could one possibly choose?

      One could devote one’s entire life to worship of all religions, thus hedging against choosing the wrong one. However, the Judeo-Christian sub-sects state that one may not worship other gods, so doing so would be a guarantee of one hell or another. In this case, atheists would fare better for not breaking the first commandment. And, the Islamic sect asserts that there is no God but Allah. So, choosing to hedge there is another guarantee of hell.

      No, accepting Pascal’s Wager itself is a big risk.

  3. This Old Dog says:

    Oh, um, Scott? I loved the article by the way.
    Sorry about that, but I needed to vent.

    Hope you can forgive me, but if not, I understand.

    • Forgive you for what? Not citing your source for numbers of people killed under particular regimes, especially Stalin?

      The reason I mention Stalin is that Jared Diamond in the book The Third Chimpanzee cited Stalin as the largest mass murderer in history with ~60,000,000 kills.

      Other than that, what am I to forgive? Cursing doesn’t bother me a bit. When the mood strikes me, I can curse plenty. It’s certainly not verboten on my etiquette page. The only question is whether to invoke Godwin’s Law. But, you didn’t make some ridiculous comparison to nazis or Hitler. You made a valid point about the holocaust being ignored by God. I’m going to let it stand.

      One of my favorite movie lines is from Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. When he learns from a Cossack/almost friend that there is to be a pogrom the next day (his daughter’s wedding day), he says, “God, I know we are your chosen people. But, just once, couldn’t you choose someone else?” Perhaps, if Yahweh really exists, He didn’t do “nothing” about the holocaust. Perhaps He instigated it.

      Jews are the chosen people, according to the bad book. But, chosen for what?

      Sorry. I fail to see how people get comfort from believing in that desert war god … or any god(s). Were I to believe such a creature actually existed, I would be constantly looking over my shoulder wondering what that sick fuck had in store for me next.

      With a universe from natural causes rather than supernatural ones, I can at least comfort myself by thinking that nature just is. It’s not actively out to get me. It just doesn’t care about me one way or the other. So, at least I need not be paranoid.

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