Collapse 2030: Mark Your Calendars

All the times that I said that I hoped that global civilizational collapse would begin late enough for me to live out my life expectancy I had hoped that I was just disasturbating. No such luck.

Unfortunately, a 40 year old computer simulation has been tracking reality very closely for the last 40 years. And, it predicts collapse in 2030, 6 years shy of my life expectancy, 16 short of my wife’s.

When will we begin to take the idea that we depend on the biosphere for our very survival seriously? Will we wait until it’s too late? Have we already done so?

We worry about little bullshit issues like the state of the economy. But, the economy is not going to matter much when the biosphere collapses.

Read the details here:

Human Consumption Will Trigger Global Collapse By 2030

Or, if you believe Smithsonian to be more reliable, try the slightly shorter version here:

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth

In short, we’re toast!


13 Responses to Collapse 2030: Mark Your Calendars

  1. Cerberus says:

    Excellent article Scott!
    But, did you read the care 2 disclaimer?

    “The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of care 2, Inc., its employees or advertisers. ”

    Yup. Wanting their cake, and eating it too.

    • Seems like a standard footer. Care2 is not a news organization. For them, this is essentially a blog post with links backing up the salient points. The disclaimer probably also disclaims any responsibility for the views expressed by those who post comments about the topic.

      Note that Smithsonian did not put in the same disclaimer. They’re standing by their article.

      • Cerberus says:

        That’s a good point.

        Sorry, I’m in admission that I’m not on the level with everything.

        Good point Scott!

      • No problem. It just means you paid close attention to the first link an likely didn’t bother with the second, or just scanned it and noticed it was essentially the same.

  2. Cerberus says:

    So am I to take it that the link for the word “disaturbating” was mentioned solely for our friend Bobbo?
    I’m sorry, but reading the comments from the two of you on textbook dictionary definitions was perfect comedy!
    Absolutely priceless!

    I love this blog!

    • Not solely for bobbo, no. Did you go to the link? There are some very humorous definitions on that site. Check out “child” and “abort”, for a couple of good examples. There used to be one for “lotto” that has since been removed. It was something like “a tax on the statistically challenged.”

      • Cerberus says:

        Child n, memewatch!
        A larva that eventually turns into a human being. Universally loved — anyone who claims not to love children isn’t cooking them properly.

        Good one Scott! LMAO!

  3. I read recenetly that the 1percent suck up 80 percent of the resources, right along with all the pay they take for themselves. And, these are the ones able to bunker themselves into oblivion.

    • They can make all the bunkers they want, if the global average temperature rises by 6C over pre-industrial times, i.e. another 5C, they’ll have to learn to breathe H2S in toxic concentrations.

      It will be an extinction of proportions similar to the Permian/Triassic extinction, the largest extinction of multi-cellular life in this planet’s history.

      Read Under a Green Sky, listed on my books page, for details.

      Or, check out this shorter article for a summary and possible medical uses of the knowledge.

  4. I should mention that I double posted this. It is also available for view and discussion on cagematch, a forum on which I am a moderator of a single board.

    There’s a somewhat interesting discussion going on over there. Feel free to stop by.,10512.0.html

    This forum could use a bit of new blood. Two of the founding moderators recently passed away. Still though, even though there are just a few regular commenters, the number of page views there in a month typically exceeds mine for the last 4 years.

    And, anyone can start a thread over there. Feel free to register and start posting replies or whole new threads.

    I doubt any new thread will ever surpass the page views of Horse Penis (a surprisingly um … meaty … topic despite the name, or perhaps because of it). But, one can always try. Here’s that old classic if you want to check it out.

    Horse penis…there I said it

  5. Cerberus says:

    Hi Scott!

    Scott, I’ve managed to join DU, but I’m having trouble with Cage Mach.
    It said,
    “Unable to load the registration _ agreement template.”
    Have any ideas to resolve the the issue?

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