Believers Find the Bible Offensive?

To me, it’s obvious that the bible is offensive. I’m surprised that believers would agree. But, there you have it. Way to go Pennsylvania for declaring 2012 to be the Year of the Bible. It seems to be spreading the word about the offensive nature of the Bad Book beautifully, albeit with a bit of help from American Atheists and the Pennsylvania Nonbelievers.

Folks, the only thing on this sign that is not in the Bible is the graphic representation of the literal words in the book. If a simple graphic depicting what slavery means is offensive, then so is the concept and the book that condones it.

Again and again and again, our morals do not come from the Bible.

Thank God I’m an atheist!


6 Responses to Believers Find the Bible Offensive?

  1. Cerberus says:

    Scott said,
    “Thank (God) I’m an atheist!”
    Scott, have you turned to theism?
    I’ll only thank my strange and feeble little mind of reason that I’m an atheist.

    Thanking the god of that Judaic-christian-islamic,(singular), religion.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Nope! No jello pudding for you young man!
    Now off to bed!

    Just kidding.

  2. Yes. I was just kidding. The other version of that line is “I’m an atheist God damn it!”

  3. Cerberus says:

    Yeah, I was only joking too my friend.
    At least in my opinion, if you can’t have a little fun in life, then it’s not worth living.

    Oh, thanks for the “Foghorn Leghorn,” I really enjoyed that.
    Haven’t seen those cartoons since I was a child.
    Seems like only yesterday.
    Damn. I’m getting old.

    Is our good buddy Bobbo still around?

  4. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Hello guys,

    Any of you see that Tennessee passed law to ‘teach the controversy’? Looks like Discovery Institute is making progress in their efforts to bring creationism back. Then today I read TN legislature passes bill to teach students hand holding leads to sexual activity. It passed with only 1 no vote. Wtf?

    Also Oklahoma passes the ‘personhood’ amendment. Life now begins at conception in OK. Wtf?

    Seems like we are losing the war guys.

    I know this off the topic of this post, but felt the need to vent. Christian Theocracy is marching forward quickly in the bible belt.

    How long before it overtakes us all?

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