8 Animal Misconceptions

I love the somewhat misanthropic tone of this as well as the obvious corrections on these misconceptions.

2 things I’d add:

1. Lemmings often over breed in good years only to be followed by very successful predator breeding as they feast on the lemmings, making it appear that the lemmings died en masse and possibly creating the myth about them.

2. Dodos did not die because of their behavior but rather because of ours. We humans killed them all.

3 Responses to 8 Animal Misconceptions

  1. Kerberos says:

    Excellent Scott,
    So a grandad long legs really isn’t a spider? Interesting.
    It’s shameful that a lot of humans destroy that which they do not understand.
    I loved this one, thank you Scott.

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:


    Short article, free to register if you haven’t already. could be a more general observation that we bond to family, tribe, city, etc per our Darwinian survival process. The more different, the more avoided.

    fun to spot the bias.

  3. Very interesting article bobbo. Thanks for sharing. Too bad it will not be available for free for very much longer. Read it while you can folks.

    So, they explain that demoting humans to the status of other animals does not help to eliminate the dehumanization, only elevating other animals to human status does that.

    But, they didn’t ask what happens for those of us who demote humans below the level of other animals? Do misanthropes dehumanize other humans? Wouldn’t that give the dehumanized humans more rights than the humans that were not dehumanized? See how backwards things can become once you get inside the brain of a misanthrope?

    I often do, in fact, believe that other animals deserve better. Or, perhaps more accurately, when humans do cruel things to animals, it makes me even sadder/sicker than when I hear about similar cruelty toward humans, who I consider less innocent in the matter.

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