No Scapegoating: No One Died For Me! (Warning: Contains Vitriol)

Warning: This post contains Vitriol ™ *

I’m getting a bit tired of being told that some guy 2,000 years ago died for me. So, I’m stating publicly and in no uncertain terms:

No one died for me! Certainly no one died to absolve me of my sins!

This concept of putting all of one’s sins on a goat or a sheep or two turtledoves and then killing the animal or birds has a long and stupid tradition in the Old Testament. It is continued in the New Testament with the killing of the Lamb of God. I will admit that at least in the New Testament, the scapegoating ended there. That’s a good thing. But, it doesn’t change the fact that the entire concept of scapegoating is monumentally idiotic.

Exactly how does one transfer one’s sins to the animal? If one has sinned, and the only sin lies in unnecessarily hurting others deliberately or through recklessness, then should not one make restitution to those who were harmed? Killing an innocent sheep and then wasting the food is merely another sin of unnecessarily harming the sheep or Lamb of God or whoever. I’m not a vegan. But, killing unnecessarily, i.e. as a sacrifice to God and wasting the food is itself a sin, no matter what the Bad Book has to say about it.

It simply makes no sense.

If it made any sense, murderers might be sentenced to their choice of death or putting their sin on a sheep and killing the sheep. No one thinks that’s a good idea, right? (At least no non-murderers.)

So, if I have hurt you, a real possibility since I am not perfect, please let me know and I will try to make restitution. No goats will be harmed during my penitence and atonement, I assure you.

Now, that said, let’s take this a bit farther. Christians do not believe in death. At least, Christians don’t believe in true death, eternal oblivion. Personally, I do. But, since Christians do not and this whole Lamb of God bullshit is a Christian thing, let me point this out:

If Jesus died for your sins, you must admit that Jesus is dead!

If Jesus merely ascended bodily into heaven, one cannot really call this a sacrifice. It’s really more of a metamorphosis. Jesus morphed for your sins. I like the sound of that. It sounds just as silly as it is.

Oh, and if Jesus loves me, next time you talk to Him, tell Him I said He sure has a funny way of showing it.

I’m done now except for this disclaimer.

I do not object to Christianity any more than any other flavor of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion, deliberately singular as always. I hate all flavors of that religion equally, including the one into which I was born. I have less strong feelings for other supernatural religions, like Hinduism, primarily because I know less about them and have not seen them cause the level of harm that the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion still regularly does.

The only reason I wrote this particularly anti-Christian post is because when I post about my views as an atheist, Christians seem to like to tell me that Jesus died for me. Don’t lay that guilt trip on me. And definitely don’t lay it on me and then claim Jesus is somehow still alive and requests that I pray to Him to thank Him for His non-sacrifice.

* Vitriol is a non-narcotic alcohol. Vitriol should be used only as directed. Vitriol should not be combined with other alcohols or with testosterone. Long term use of Vitriol may cause high blood pressure or ulcers. When taken in combination with ethanol, vitriol may result in bar fights, minor or sometimes severe injuries, and in some cases, decreased mobility due to handcuffs or prison bars. When taken in combination with methanol, vitriol may cause blindness or death. The most common side effect of vitriol is a broken nose or jaw. Do not take vitriol if you are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant. Vitriol is safest when taken during anonymous blogging. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while on Vitriol. All potential side effects of Vitriol are magnified dramatically when used in combination with testosterone. If you experience any side effects of vitriol stop taking vitriol immediately.


6 Responses to No Scapegoating: No One Died For Me! (Warning: Contains Vitriol)

  1. You missed commenting on “Original Sin”. I personally do not accept that this is a valid concept. And I furthermore do not accept the use or definitions of the word SIN [except for the Cdn. Gov’t acronym for Social Insurance Number!]
    To my way of thinking, there are violations of Laws, and Moral Principles, some of which are of course Criminal, and others more or less quasi offenses, but not sins. Sin is a religious entrapment concept which I find offensive and abusive to good logic.
    Try reading the tome by Dr.s Yochelson and Bernstien, entitiled “The Criminal Personality” where in they identify 56 PATHOLOGICAL ERRORS in THINKING! Plus their bottom line conclusion that criminals make a concsious or unconcsious decision to cheat on the rules in life. Then extrapolate this into the non-criminal every day decision making through out daily life.
    Typical error example types:
    -it is OK to kill so and so since s/he deserves it,
    -it is OK to steal thus and so since it is covered by insurance
    Their tome is the compilation of over a decade of work as Psychiatrists working with convicts in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for the Criminally Insane just outside Bethesda, Md. It is now used as reference material in many Universities and probably cannot be borrowed or taken out of the Reference Sections.

    P.S. By the way, Methanol [pure] is less toxic than Ethanol. The reason it is toxic is due to the deliberate inclusion of poisons to make it non potable, and not taxable as a libation, thus reserving it for use as a commercial/industrial solvent. It originated back when alcohols were produced from grains or wood, the latter containing numerous of the longer Carbon atom chain alcohols like Propyl, Butyl, and Pentyl, etc. which are progressively more toxic. Today the “denatured” Methyl has 1/2% of gasoline, and another poison which cannot be easily/cheaply distilled out. Pure Methol alcohol is actually a better drink, but it is far too late to try to change the history and practices of our society!

    • If I were to go into all of the great many problems I have with the Bible, both Old Testament and New, this post would have been about as long as the Bible itself. I didn’t miss the point of original sin. I was just writing a post that I intend to point to every time someone tells me that Jesus died for my sins.

      Yes, the assumption that I have sinned without any knowledge of my life is also very insulting. I was just trying to keep this to the simple dual topic of scapegoating as a remedy for having sinned and whether or not Jesus actually died. I wonder if someone will actually take the bait on this latter topic and try to explain how Jesus was somehow sacrificed and yet is still alive.

      As for methanol, sorry, you’ve got it a bit backward. Methanol is added to ethanol for industrial purposes to avoid having to comply with liquor laws. Methanol is itself highly toxic even in fairly small quantities.

      Quote from the overview on the main section of the wikipedia page to which I linked only to the toxicity section:

      Because of its toxic properties, methanol is frequently used as a denaturant additive for ethanol manufactured for industrial uses — this addition of methanol exempts industrial ethanol from liquor excise taxation.

  2. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Completely agree. I would love to know what took god so long to send jay-sus to “save” us? According to John1:1, the word (jay-sus) was in god’s presence from the beginning. So what in the world was the messiah doing to fill his day for 4,000 yrs while his dad was killing, torturing and causing all that suffering upon mankind?

    I think it would be hilarious for someone to write a book about the life and times of jay-sus for this time period. It could be a comical take on what he was doing during the flood, during all the genocide etc. while listing all his reasons why he kept delaying his entrance to the stage.

    But dad……. I haven’t even backpacked through Europe yet!

    Just an example of what jay-sus might have said to dad to delay his crucifixation.

    • I think you have the start of a great book there. Let me know when it’s published! Oh, and I love that you have Jeebus being just as whiny as Moshe. Did you ever see the version of the 10 commandments made for some TV channel where they stuck more closely to the bible than the Charleton Heston version? They made Moses a whiny little twit … as he is in the bible. (“Oh no … not me not me not me!”)

      • buckeyenonbeliever says:

        I have not seen that version of the 10 commandments. That will have to be on my list as soon as I can find the spare time. That has to be hilarious.

        Btw, I do have a few ideas for the life and times of jay-sus. Must find the time. Lol.

        Great site. I have enjoy it. I read the suggestions for a better America. I argee with most of your ideas. A good read. Many ideas to comtemplate. I have been saying for years we need to get rid of the party system for candidates. I would support this wholeheartedly. This might also abolish the ridiculous and unscrupulous act of gerrymandering for parties to gain an advantage for their party. Have you seen some of the redistricting and redrawing of congressional districts? Absolutely absurd.

        We have several districts in Ohio that crossover into 3 or 4 counties drawn so helter skelter to diminish ‘pockets’ of voters or outright push these voters out of their district that it is unconscienable.

        Both parties do it, and both parties are wrong for doing so.

        Until next time.

      • I tried searching for that version of the 10 commandments. I’m not positive. But, I think it was this one, called Moses.

        I’m glad you liked my suggestions for a better America. I agree about the congressional districts. It’s extremely anti-democratic in the part of both parties.

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