Caution: Do Not Make Connections!

The narration is the text of an op ed piece in the Wasthington Post by Bill McKibben. No need to read the text since it’s all in the video with powerful imagery added. Kudos to Stephen Thomson of for a great job making this into a powerful video.

4 Responses to Caution: Do Not Make Connections!

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    I object to most videos used to promote an agenda. Even if it is something I agree with.

    Climate change is a well documented occurrence. That does not mean that any specific flood, drought, or storm may be connected to it. I am not convinced though that we can blame all climate events on global climate change.

    We have been having tornadoes in the Mid-West for as long as man has been here to record them. Only, as with the rest of the world, there is so much more population centers that may end up in their path. Yet it was just as bad as the tornado through went through any other town. For comparison, see the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak in 1965.
    (NOTE, although I didn’t live here at the time, an F3 traveled a path through where I currently live to South Bend, a distance of almost 50 miles and killing 10 people in a very rural area. The locals still talk about that day)

    As with most “man bites dog” stories, it is the extremes that get our attention. The rest of the world doesn’t care about the tornado that rips the roof off of barn, but does care about the record for most deaths. Population growth is making those numbers climb.

    When droughts effect farms that weren’t there last drought, we now notice. Much of this drought land would have been ameliorated if left undeveloped. The same with floods. 200 years ago much of the Mississippi valley could contain the excess water with the forests and swamps, they can’t today as stream paths are channeled and levied. When a tsunami drowns thousands we notice but ignore the ones that hit in years past that were even worse.

    We are the authors of our misfortunes, but not necessarily because of climate change. Well, at least as the video suggests. In my humble opinion.

  2. So Mr. Fusion, I have some questions for you based on your response:

    1. Where did anything in this video say that any single event could be blamed on global warming?
    2. Do you not think that the video presents a pattern of extreme weather events that is in fact more severe than has been documented in the past?
    3. When are you going to start your own blog? You really should.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    1) My point is that even though people like to point to weather events as the result of, and often enough a counter to, global warming, we have always had weather. Every specific storm though is somehow connected to climate and weather fluctuations.

    The problem is weather is today. If global warming has raised temperatures 2 deg. then would it only be 93F outside otherwise? We notice weather more today because there are more people. 100 years ago we wouldn’t know about the Sudan drought for at least six months, maybe a lot longer.

    2) I don’t know. Videos are not a very good source of information but they do make a great propaganda vehicle. (see Al Gore’s climate change video, An Inconvenient Truth as an example)

    Can you really blame the current heatwave here in the Mid-West on global warming? When our child was born 12 years ago it was during a heatwave; I watched the Chicago news of people succumbing to the heat. I’m 59, when I was a kid we still had heat waves. I remember neighbors dying from heat exhaustion, or the time my father got home with his business suit soaked, filling the bathtub with cold water and some ice and hoping in. My parents told me of how in the ’30s they fried eggs on the sidewalk one year. Is global climate change responsible for any of them?

    3) Having my own blog would be too much responsibility. While I thank you for the suggestion, I prefer to frequent blogs hosted by other, more intelligent people. With all due respect, I find the ideas and concepts often thought provoking and opinion changing. You have made a few comments over the years that I know have influenced my outlook, and I know you will again in the future.

    • Of course we’ve always had weather. But, when we have many times more record highs than record lows year after year after year and extreme weather conditions that are truly unusual like El Nino years coming closer and closer together and it was all predicted, it really starts to add up.

      When it is combined with changes in bird ranges and migration dates over 150 years by amazingly anal retentive birders and then combined again with data such as 95% of glaciers in retreat and so on and so on and so on, yes, it is time to connect the dots.

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