100+ Years of Electric Cars

Here are some seriously classic fully electric cars from over 100 years ago.

7 Electric Cars Over 100 Years Old


  • 1891 – 50 mile range, better than Chevy Volt’s pure electric range
  • 1901 – 57 MPH
  • 1902 – fully electric bus
  • 1906 – regenerative braking, like my 2011 prius
  • 1909 – 100 miles on a charge

Now, I must ask, what the hell happened?

Imagine where we’d be today if this technology continued to be used and improved upon at the normal rate. I doubt anyone would be driving gasoline vehicles.

And, remember, even if all of our electric grid were powered by coal, a nationwide fleet of electric vehicles would still produce one third less CO2 overall than petroleum powered vehicles. The electric motor is about 80% efficient. This is far better than gasoline at 35% or so and even diesel which is a bit higher.

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