Unfortunate Wording: Evacuation Drill

Two words I did not want to hear or read together: evacuation drill.

My office is having one today. One might hope that this will be some bizarre ritual where the entire building gets together for the exercise of creating a large dung midden. This would be a rather unpleasant exercise at best.

However, when I read the words evacuation drill my mind went immediately to power tools. I had thoughts of a device that was a cross between a colonoscopy and a roto-rooter. BOHICA! (Bend over, hear it comes again.)

There’s an image I didn’t need stuck in my … um … brain.

Can we go back to calling these things fire drills please?


4 Responses to Unfortunate Wording: Evacuation Drill

  1. H says:

    Ouch my brain, …maybe you should have labeled this one NSFW. 🙂

    At least it’s not as bad as an old employer who was training us for death. Fire alarms going off all the time without notice, nobody answering the “fire phone” and management who had an attitude of “just ignore it”. …which is ironically what happened during the anthrax scare!

  2. H – The post is safe for work. It’s not safe for one’s sanity. I did not curse or, yecch, post images.

    So, aren’t you glad it’s only your brain going ouch?

    As for that old employer, I couldn’t agree more. I happened to be off the day of the anthrax scare.

  3. mfg52@email.com says:

    Reminds me of “Duck and Cover”. Another useless exercise in an attempt to make us feel better when the powers that be know our asses are grass, if the event actually occurs.

    • Mr. Fusion says:

      But, but, … , that “Duck and cover” crap let us see all that gum stuck under our desks from years gone by. And I’m sure there were plenty of other things under that desk that required some imagination to figure out.

      And if you were lucky and didn’t stare, you could see that little Liz girl squatting with her legs open.

      Good times.

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