Religion Going Extinct?

One can only hope. Or rather, this one is surely hoping.

Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says

Actually, I’m not really that hopeful. First, note that the U.S. is far from being on the list of the nine countries and wields an undue influence on the world partly because of the internet, partly because of the entertainment industry. Second, and perhaps more importantly, for it to go extinct, you would need consensus. I’m not aware of any time in history when humans had consensus about religion either way. Even small pockets of religion will keep it alive waiting for a pendulum swing the other way.

I would love to be as optimistic about the loss of the scourge of religion, but simply do not believe humanity will really go that way with the strength necessary to truly make religion extinct.


2 Responses to Religion Going Extinct?

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    I am hopeful and see this as a good sign. Or to put it differently, I am satisfied that religion is on the decline around the world. No longer are we dependent upon the priests for our knowledge and teaching. And the internet continues to influence our thinking and knowledge.

    Formal religious attendance has been dropping for years in all “civilized” nations and even even third world nations. Many people I know will state their religious affiliation but rarely attend church. It just isn’t part of their lives. Their children are becoming even less religious.

    It used to be an embarrassment to be labeled an “atheist”. It is less and less so today. More and more people are not only proud to announce their non belief in an “invisible dude in the sky”, but happy to denounce and argue the point.

    Normalcy is becoming the norm.

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