The Last Taboo

The old elephant is still hanging around the room … has been getting bigger … and is getting seriously pissed off. But, can we mention the elephant yet? For most of us, the answer is no. As usual, Mother Jones created a great cover for this one.

Population: The Last Taboo

2 Responses to The Last Taboo

  1. Nice article! You can find all kinds of environmental data on our site.

    • The above reply appears to be spam. The email address given has the appearance of it. However, the site appears to be someone’s blog filled with links to articles. It’s not bad and appears harmless. However, use your normal level of caution visiting the site. I’m not making any claims about its safety or legitimacy.

      Pollution Statistics, if you are a live human and your site is legitimate, you should be aware that posts like the one above look just like spam. I was fully expecting it to be a porn site when I got there.

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