Stephen Hawking Asks Big Questions About the Universe

I don’t know that I agree with him on all points, especially about other civilizations. But then, he’s Stephen Hawking and I’m not even making mud pies yet.

Still, the idea that all advanced civilizations would make use of radio waves doesn’t ring true to me. Nor does the idea that space travel could save us in the short term of the next hundred years. Does he really believe that in a mere hundred years we’ll be traveling to earth-like planets orbiting other suns? I’m not convinced. I think for the short term, we had better solve some of our most pressing problems like population, global warming, thermonuclear war, waste disposal, cradle to cradle production, and others. Space won’t solve these for us. And, even if it did, don’t we need to learn to care for this planet before we can even consider the possibility of terraforming another?

So, good points on the universe, but I’m skeptical of his views on alien intelligence and space travel in the near term.

Thanks for the find Tony.


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