Be Terrified … of a drive to the mall (MoJo Article:Fear, Inc.)

OK. I must admit that I find the thought of going to a mall a little terrifying. However, this is not what the article is really talking about. Or is it?

Comparing some of the statistics in the article to the number of deaths by terrorism since 9/11/2001 is a little silly. Let’s include 9/11. And, still, look at how many of the following beat out the 3,000 deaths from that date. Actually, more accurate mathematically would be to average some number of years including 9/11. I wonder how the statistics would look if we totaled them for the last 25 years, for example. This would include both terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Anyway, the point is that terrorism is very low risk by comparison to many normal activities we engage in daily, such as smoking and driving. I even read that in the aftermath of 9/11, many people canceled flights and changed plans to take a driving vacation rather than a flying one. The source from which I heard this even suggested that more people died in traffic accidents as a direct result of such changes to plans than actually died in the terrorist attacks. But, we don’t bother to discuss such things.

Anyway, enjoy the MoJo article and what it says about our society, our politicians, and our growing imperial presidency.

Fear, Inc.

7 Responses to Be Terrified … of a drive to the mall (MoJo Article:Fear, Inc.)

  1. noh8 says:

    You’re so right.
    EVERYTHING is Obama’s fault. I hear he started the Chicago Fire, too…

  2. noh8,

    I have no idea what you mean by that. Did you actually read the article? It sure doesn’t sound like it. Is your post intended to be a joke? I hope so.

    When you post on a new blog where people don’t know you, it’s best to be a bit less cryptic. So, why don’t you say what you really mean instead of expecting it to be understood from a post that comes out of thin air with no reference to anything in the article?

  3. noh8 says:

    “It’s striking when a Democratic administration finds safety in the claim that it’s acting like a Republican one, that it’s following the path to the imperial presidency already cleared by George W. Bush. Fear does that to you, and the fear of terror has been institutionalized at the top as well as the bottom of society.”

  4. noh8 says:

    “It remains so and, as a result, under Barack Obama, the imperial presidency only seems to gain ground. Recently, for instance, we learned that, under the pressure of the Flight 253 incident, the Obama administration has adopted the Bush administration position that a president, under certain circumstances, has the authority to order the assassination of an American citizen abroad. (In this case, New Mexico-born Islamic cleric Anwar Aulaqi, who has been linked to the 9/11 plotters, the Fort Hood killer, and Abdulmutallab.) The Bush administration opened the door to this possibility and now, it seems, a Democratic president may be stepping through.”

  5. noh8 says:

    As usual, Bush screws up, and everyone blames Obama.
    Clear enough?

  6. noh8,

    OK, now I get your point. However, in the real world, Obama is a huge disappointment, even for those of us who A) didn’t have much in the way of expectations from him and B) are still extremely glad not to have McPalin in office.

    I do realize things could have been a lot worse. We could have had Sarah Palin as president (or, is McCain still breathing?). McCain himself would have been a lot worse, even with a reasonable choice for VP.

    However, I would be disingenuous to state that I am not disappointed that Obama is following the same path to imperial presidency as W, has done little to rein in Wall St., bailed out banks instead of people to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars (more than 10 times the amount that would have simply paid off all of the subprime loans and left people in their homes), and is even continuing and expanding the religious discrimination that is W’s faith based initiatives policy.

    So, from the extreme left, where I sit, Obama is the best we could have hoped for and still a disappointment. This is not blaming Obama for W’s actions but instead blaming Obama for his own actions and inactions.

    Should those of us on the left simply sit quietly as a moderate (slightly right-leaning) president disappoints us? If so, why?

  7. noh8 says:

    No we shouldn’t.

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