McKibben/Colbert Discuss The Number 350

Here’s a great video of Bill McKibben on the Colbert Report as they discuss NASA findings why 350 is the most important number on earth right now. I’ll leave any commentary for later.

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One Response to McKibben/Colbert Discuss The Number 350

  1. I will add one comment now. It is possible that 6.7 billion and growing is the most important number on earth. Getting that number down to something sustainable would likely solve a great many problems. Of course, I have yet to see a recent and real scientific analysis of what this other number should be.

    Stating 350ppm as a goal is likely to be hugely unpopular.

    Stating a goal of perhaps 300 million people on the planet is completely and utterly taboo. Few among even the environmental organizations will talk about population. Here’s one that is starting to do so.


    So, which number do you consider more important?

    Of course, many, especially right-wingers, will not acknowledge either problem. And, most religious folks won’t be able to accept that population is an issue. Perhaps it needs to be told that it was a misunderstanding; god said be useful and multiplex.

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