Should that be Randroids or Randorrhoids? Either way, here’s a very good write-up about the Objectivist cult, only slightly mentioned by name, and the fact that these people are still of the belief that Objectivism can get us out of the mess it got us into.

I’ve plugged this blog here before when giving credit for things he’s found and have this on my blog roll as well. But, this post is so terrific I just had to share it. Don’t cheat and only watch the Colbert video at the end though. The post is way too good and well worth reading in its entirety. So, I won’t embed the video here.

Pay special attention to the chef metaphor. It’s brilliant.

When Atlas Shrugs, People Listen… But Why?


4 Responses to Randroids

  1. bobbo says:

    “The Whiny Right” is a good label for these Ayn Rand Objectivists. I had a roommate deep into Objectivism. You could never tell until you talked to him about the subject itself. Its just silly and the end goal is so obviously unworkable you have to wonder what nut cases out of college would give it a second thought.

    Glorified Anarchy. Makes all the standard “ism’s” look sane by comparison.

  2. John Paradox says:

    [Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead] appeals to bored, frustrated, angry young people, particularly those with unearned money and unrealized talent”-

    James T.Baker: AYN RAND
    ©1987 G.K.Hall & Co.

    Something I found a while back.. was on a VERY strange webpage(s).



  3. Very cute. Thanks for sharing that J/P

  4. For the geeks in the crowd who have had unfortunate contact with the randroids of the world, there is apparently a computer language based on the principles of Objectivism, Objectivist C.

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