EPA Creates Environmental Fugitives Most Wanted List

Environmental fugitives get own most-wanted list

In my opinion, the number one fugitive on the list should be Stephen L. Johnson. The man has done irreparable harm to the environment in his tenure as EPA Administrator. He has flatly refused to regulate carbon dioxide emissions in any way despite being ordered by the United States Supreme Court to do so.

As of this date, the EPA has still done nothing regarding CO2 emissions regulations or implemented any form of a carbon tax.

I have written Mr. Johnson several nastygrams on the subject including getting personal by pointing out that his five grandchildren will one day curse his memory for destroying their planet. To call this man is a major league bucket of scum would be to insult perfectly good and decent pond scum.

Thanks Jan for the article.


3 Responses to EPA Creates Environmental Fugitives Most Wanted List

  1. Tipsy McStagger says:

    Just wanted to say that your responses over at Shadow to Light were pathetic. Not that you are, but those responses definitely were.
    You started off trying to focus on data. But when that data was shown to be faulty you reverted to name calling and unsupported claims.

  2. Tipsy,

    Your comment is completely off the topic of this thread. I have no idea why you posted it here. I’ll let it stand. And, so people can see the reference, here is a link to the blog to which Tipsy refers:


  3. eideard says:

    Sort of nostalgia-time, Scott – because you reminded me of earlier days in the “ecology” movement. I was U.S. Sales Manager for an English company owned by an English conglomerate. I answered directly to another American who represented the group in the States.

    Pretty much everything they were into was environmentally harmless – but, when we started to rollout a new factory for them in New England, I pushed for an evaluation of solvents, paints, etc.. To his credit, our American VP pushed as hard or harder than I did. He sat the principles down when they came over for an annual visit and told them – “look, I’m an old peddler – but, I have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who I wish to have long, productive and satisfying lives.

    No sensible bird fouls their own nest. Even if we can fly away, we have generations to follow us who will live in filth we leave behind.”

    Good dude.

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