Palin For President

Michael Palin, that is, of Monty Python fame.

For those of you who are not Python fans or may not recognize every reference in this short video, I have posted the longer clips of each skit used in the video as a refresher class in Python humor. If you just want to go straight to a particular video, use the quick links below. If you’re really unfamiliar with Monty Python, you’ll likely want to watch them all (or won’t like this post at all).

Thanks to Rich Rosen for help finding some of the videos, especially the ones for scenes I didn’t recognize.

Dennis The Constitutional Peasant

Eighteen Pounds and a Kilt

This bit is from the middle of The Science Fiction Sketch. It’s fairly long. The line comes at the beginning of the second video in this list.

The Lumberjack Song

Who Killed Whom

The Spanish Inquisition

Every Sperm is Sacred



Hockey Mom

This scene is actually “the end of the film” from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life. I couldn’t find this one. Anyone have a youtube link for it?


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