Gimme Green – A Look at the Evils of Lawns

I’d love to be able to share the whole film with everyone. Unfortunately, as yet, only the trailer is available. I saw the film at Solar 1 in Manhattan. If you get a chance, it’s well worth a watch. The film details the many ways in which lawns are a particularly awful display that wastes a tremendous amount of water, uses chemicals that leech into the soil, and uses gasoline to keep it looking neat. Let’s replace lawns with native habitat instead.

Also see the Gimme Green website, especially if the embedded video does not work for you.

For anyone who hasn’t yet accepted that fresh water is a precious commodity, check out what one former oil baron is buying …

T. Boone Pickens Invests in Water – Should You?

Note: Thanks to KD Martin over on Cagematch for sharing the T. Boone Pickens article.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say get rid of lawns since I live in an apartment. However, there are a number of sites listing low maintenance alternatives to traditional water-hogging lawns. Here are a few I came up with by doing a quick search.

Lawn Alternatives from EarthEasy

Alternatives to the Traditional Lawn from

Alternative Lawns – How to Cut (Out) the Grass from Sierra Club

Lastly, for anyone who wasn’t aware, lawns, believe it or not, are the number one irrigated crop in the United States. How freakin’ pathetic is that??!!?


2 Responses to Gimme Green – A Look at the Evils of Lawns

  1. KD Martin says:

    My yard gets mowed every 15 days or so, it’s quite slow growing. But I’m not setting up 8″ and larger telescopes in a rock garden. We’ve had enough rain this year, I think I’ve watered the yard maybe twice all summer. Ask BubbaRay.

    Some people spend an inordinate amount of time and money in water, chems, trims, etc., it’s just ridiculous. Geez, hasn’t anyone heard of shade trees so the yard doesn’t grow so fast?

    Thanks for the link to the Cage Match! I appreciate your moderating skills there.

  2. That doesn’t sound too bad KD. The full length film mentions some artificial turfs that you’d have to stick your face down to in order to tell the difference, with a variety of lengths and textures. I think they’re plastic though, so have problems of their own. Still though, a perfect lawn all the time with no efford does sound tempting if one must have a lawn. I’d stick with letting the place grow into forest myself, but that may not describe your area’s local flora, nor would it be good for astronomy.

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