This Day In Space

OK, I don’t really know how exclusive this can be called. However, this is a great series of posts. Each day, a new topic about what events took place on this day in the history of space exploration. The author is KD Martin, a professional astronomer with a tremendous amount of knowledge about a variety of related topics.

Please check out This Day In Space over on Dvorak’s Cagematch.

Today’s topic includes the first communications satelite, among other interesting stories.

And remember, threads on Cagematch are often hijacked into amusing side conversations that may or may not be related to the original point, something my wandering mind considers a bonus.


One Response to This Day In Space

  1. BubbaRay says:

    This feature on Cage Match isn’t the usual so and so launched today. There’s a lot of backstory, things you won’t find elsewhere on the web. The author has a lot of inside knowledge of the space program and the people that made it possible.

    Highly recommended.

    Thanks for the link, Scott!

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