The Real McCain 2

I’m not sure why the press doesn’t blast this guy every time he opens his mouth. He just keeps continually contradicting himself. Perhaps the press just finds him too easy a target. Perhaps it feels too much like kicking an old dog. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, you can’t believe a word the man says.

In fact, I’d argue that there are maybe three things we can be truly sure of about McCain.

  1. McCain is terrible for the environment.
  2. McCain is terrible on reproductive issues.
  3. McCain will keep us in the Iraq war, and quite possibly the Iran war as well, indefinitely.

McCain’s scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters — Zero for 2007, for complete failure to even bother to vote on any environmental issue.

McCain’s scorecard from NARAL — Another complete zero, this time for all recent years. And, keep in mind, even McCain doesn’t know why he doesn’t want health insurance to cover birth control but does want it to cover Viagra.

And, of course, everyone has now seen the infamous hundred years in Iraq video. But, just in case you haven’t, here it is. (Any wonder people call him McBush?)

It’s likely that if we examine his record, we can find one or two more things we can rely on about McCain. I doubt they will be positive.

One last point, for those who think McCain, as a republican, will be better for the economy, please check out who he has chosen as his economic adviser. If you guessed that it was one of the key players in causing the subprime crisis, you’re right! If you guessed that he had a huge hand in Enron, you’re right! If you guessed that he helped UBS lose $37B, you’re right!

It’s Foreclosure Phil Gramm!!

McCain has stated that he knows little about finance. McCain has stated that he has vast financial expertise. I think this choice of adviser shows that the former is the true statement about his financial knowledge.

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  1. Free Speech says:

    Everyone has the right to risk their own life in order to save it.Jean-JacquesRousseauJean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher

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