Climatologists Give Up the Ruse

It appears that it is finally time for climatologists to come clean. Unfortunately, this is not a report of the skeptics being magically right. Rather, climatologists are finally starting to state that, yes indeed, the extreme weather we’ve been seeing for years really is the direct result of climate change.

Could this be just the liberal media? Well, perhaps, if you consider Newsweek to be a liberal rag. Otherwise, this report is likely legitimate. To me, the only thing surprising has been how long climatologists have been so cautious about finally saying this.

Global Warming Is a Cause of This Year’s Extreme Weather


One Response to Climatologists Give Up the Ruse

  1. Update: Here is a link to a site where you can download the full report or specific chapters of it. I believe the 10MB PDF is 162 pages. I have not read it yet. I plan to skim it for the bits that those of us who are not climatologists can understand. I may or may nor reply to my own post again to add information from the PDF.

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