Climate Change Worse than Feared, Again

I generally try to avoid posting links to blogs. However, this one is a New York Times blog. It is also very well written and chock full of links to back up its statements. And, perhaps most important, it references peer reviewed scientific data from Nature.

So, once again, there is new data showing that climate change is happening even faster than we thought it was.

Seas Rising and Warming Faster Than Realized

However, another interesting little point in this particular article is a link to an article from two years ago, of which I was previously unaware, stating that a panel of scientists has validated the old Hockey Stick graph. Despite all of the controversy around that particular graph and its associated article, the data in it has triumphed.

The Hockey Stick is vindicated.

Actually, I had read articles on this a long time ago but was not sure that the issue had been settled. When I last read about it, I read in a peer reviewed journal (to which I no longer have a link, sorry) that the article that challenged the Hockey Stick had used version one of the paper on which to base its challenge, despite the fact that a later version of the Hockey Stick had already been published and the fact that the later version had already addressed all of the issues raised in the challenge.

But that’s all hearsay now. This article from two years ago is not.

Panel Supports a Controversial Report on Global Warming

Perhaps somewhere along the way, I will search for the peer reviewed debate that I remember from a couple of years ago. Until then, please read the links I have here.

2 Responses to Climate Change Worse than Feared, Again

  1. From the same author, here’s a new article about a new Federal report.

    Federal Report: Warming = More Harmful Climate Extremes

    For the full report in all of its 164 page PDF glory, feel free to go to the next link and download either the entire report or any section of it that looks interesting. Nice of them to give us a choice.

    Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate

  2. Of course, the ice is melting faster than expected around the world yet again. Seems that no matter how fast everyone expects the ice to melt, the real world is always faster.

    Note that all of these are from different and reputable sources regarding different places in the world. This is global. This is radical. This is catastrophic. This is real. Chicken Little is right this time.,8599,1829365,00.html

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