1,700 Climate Scientists and Economists Recommend Action

Top U.S. Scientists and Economists Call For Swift, Deep Cuts In Global Warming Pollution
More than 1,700 Say Early Reductions Can Benefit Economy

I must admit that this is in the pattern ordinarily used by the climate change skeptics. They love to quote a large number of scientists that dispute that climate change is real or dispute that it is human caused.

However, it has been my experience that such claims are often made when the scientists listed largely fall into one of three categories, scientists in a field not related to climatology, names of people who may or may not be scientists but have no peer reviewed papers to their names, or known ExxonMobil employees.

Perhaps you might say that these 1,700 fall into similar categories on the other side. However, in this case, according to the League of Conservation Scientists, among the names are:

The signatories, compiled by UCS, include six Nobel Prize winners in science or economics, 31 NAS members, and more than 100 IPCC authors and editors

The full PDF is available for download at this link

I scanned this list and found a very high percentage of relevant expertise. There are some names without full qualifications. However, most are listed with full degrees and job titles. Most are in fields that would be highly relevant to either climate change, economics, or fields such as agriculture and biology that would be relevant in assessing the expected damage from climate change and the amount to which we could mitigate the damage and what it would take. All of these are also relevant given the nature of this letter.

The most important point to take from all of this is that taking strong action on climate change will actually have a very high return on investment and not only makes ecological sense but good solid economic sense as well. This is important information to combat the claims of many in the right wing who claim that such action will destroy our economy.

Far from it. Strong action is required to save both the environment and the economy.

The economy cannot thrive without a healthy biosphere.


2 Responses to 1,700 Climate Scientists and Economists Recommend Action

  1. Tree Planter says:

    Great article… and don’t forget the benefits that planting a tree will have on the environment. Each one will soak up 20kgs of CO2 every year and put enough Oxygen back in the atmosphere to support 2 people.

    [ed. note: This was flagged as spam. It looks legit to me. However, if the website to which Tree Planter linked is asking for contributions, I’d investigate a little more carefully than usual what the organization is. Otherwise, it looks like a decent blog.]

  2. Tree Planter,

    If you stop back again and post a little more about your work, I’ll remove that note. Since you got flagged as spam, I tend to be a little more careful. No offense intended.

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