Who Remembers DEC?

Here’s a bit of classic and ancient computer humor from the good folks at a company formerly known as Digital Equipment Corporation, once the second largest computer manufacturer.

See Figure One — NSFW, but only if you’re in a really annoying office. For any reasonably relaxed work place, it should be fine.


2 Responses to Who Remembers DEC?

  1. BubbaRay says:

    Classic material. I had some friends that worked there, we always had a good time bonking silly users and playing the original Adventure from Crowther and Woods.

    I used PDP-10s and a rack of PDP-11s designing a robot waterjet cutter. Not much bad you can say about the people that invented the hardware stack and hardware implemented push and pop instructions.

    A66: BALR 15,0 ; IBM takes a burn for this one

    If you think this comment is in error, See Fig. 1

  2. I’ve got nothing bad to say about the engineers at the company formerly known as DEC. I’ve got lots of bad things to say about the marketing department though. They can See Figure 1.

    PDP-11s got a resurrection for a few years while big vaxen were popular. They made HSC disk controllers out of them.

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