Catholic Church Makes Threats to the Immortal Souls of Believers

Vatican sends threat over women priests

Imagine yourself as a devout Catholic woman, or if that’s as hard for you as it is for me, just imagine that there exist devout Catholic women in the world. Perhaps they do not like the idea of marrying a dead myth and would prefer instead to be a priest. Now, the Vatican is threating not their lives in this world, but their immortal souls. Further, the threat of eternal damnation is extended to other highly devout Catholics who would ordain these women priests. For, if they even attempt to do so, they too are damned for eternity.

For me, of course, this would constitute a joke and have me rolling on the floor. I am not now and have never been a Catholic. However, one must really feel for these poor souls being told that they are unworthy of serving their lord and savior. That’d be it for me, of course. But, what about the devout?

Many devout Christians in the U.S. are complaining that they are persecuted by atheists. That’s right, some people whose religion is in the majority think that they are persecuted by something on the order of 1% of the U.S. population, if it’s even that high. And yet, it is not the atheists persecuting these devout women and the men who would ordain them.

It comes straight from the Vatican itself!!

Of course, this is under the leadership of the same Dope who said that the natives of the Americas were silently longing to be murdered and enslaved for Christianity. So perhaps this should not be a surprise.

Personally, I wonder if a legal case could be made that he is menacing his subjects or otherwise threatening them. Probably not since there is no such thing as an immortal soul. However, both the Dope and the victims of excommunication in this case presumably believe there is.

Anyway, I’d hate to see such a legal precedent set as it would validate the existence of a non-entity.

Thanks for the article Seth.

3 Responses to Catholic Church Makes Threats to the Immortal Souls of Believers

  1. Timothy says:

    Greetings! Saw your post in Google Blogsearch and came to read.

    >”Vatican sends threat over women priests”

    Actually, CNN got it wrong this time. The Vatican didn’t threaten. It restated that the women had already self-excommunicated themselves. No threat. The excommunication have already occured by the women’s own hands.

    >” one must really feel for these poor souls being told that they are unworthy of serving their lord and savior.”

    Um, that’s not what thewomen are being told. Their being told that they are in error and that they should re-examine their position, repent , and rejoin the Catholic Church. At no time has anyone been told that they are unworthy.

    >”the men who would ordain them.”

    Not being Catholic, you are likely out-of-the loop on things. The women are being ordained by other women.

    >”the same Dope who said that the natives of the Americas were silently longing to be murdered and enslaved for Christianity.”

    First, we persecute in others what we fear most in ourselves. Second, you seem unfamiliar with the religious traditions of the native Americans that met the Spanish explorers. They were expecting a white God. It is to those prophesies that the Pope was referring.



  2. Hi Timothy,

    Just a minor point, but when you question a major news source, which is wise to do, you should provide an alternate link. Perhaps you have a better source for your information. However, expecting me to take your word for it is silly. My post has links. Where are yours? Do you have more reputable sources than CNN? By all means, post the links.

    As for the Dope’s comment about native Americans, it was thoughtless insensitive and thoroughly blinded by a religious view that blotted out all facts. His religion has taught him that genocide is the way of god. This is understandable since genocide is so rampant in the bible. However, any thinking person with an ounce of conscience would throw the whole thing out.

    Sorry, no sympathy from me on that one. The Dope should take his lumps and apologize profusely.

    Expecting a white god??!!? That’s pretty preposterous. Why would they have expected anything? Why would they expect contact from the west at all? What reason did they have to expect ships, the likes of which they hadn’t seen, to come sailing from anywhere at all?

    And, please don’t bless me. My hope is that your god, or more accurately, the followers of your mythology, will leave me the hell alone. God blessed America on 9/11. Let’s hope he stays the fuck away now. Or, do you not see that it was some wacko’s vision of that same old desert war god that had people flying planes into buildings?

  3. HonestAbe says:

    The Vatican’s well within their rights to make such a comment! If you’re not going to play by the rules, then you’re showing a disregard for the religion and deserve to be kicked out. Either you abide by the religion’s rules or you can make your own religion based on your own beliefs.

    The Vatican Club Rules

    1st RULE: You do not talk about the Vatican Club.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about the Vatican Club.
    3rd RULE: If someone questions the Church, they’re out of the Vatican Club.
    4th RULE: Only one priest to a choir boy.
    5th RULE: One confession at a time.
    6th RULE: No women, no gays, no athiests.
    7th RULE: Sermons will go on as long as they have to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night in the Vatican Club, you HAVE to pray.

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