Top Atheist Quotes

I always enjoy reading things like this list of the Top 50 Atheism Quotes. Since their number one quote is from George Carlin, and it sounds so much better in his own voice, here it is for anyone that has not already watched this segment.

However, in this case, I must say that I was a bit disappointed that they did not include the quote by Pierre-Simon Laplace (of Laplace Transformation fame) when speaking to Napoleon. Perhaps it was omitted because it is usually misquoted a tad and may not even have a perfectly accurate translation to English. However, since it is one of my personal favorites, I hope that you will read the details of the Laplace and Napoleon encounter on wikipedia.

I was also disappointed that they did not include any quotes from Robert Heinlein. So, I also hope you will click to read these quotes about religion from Robert A. Heinlein.

Thanks to rit for the link to the list that started this post!


2 Responses to Top Atheist Quotes

  1. Oh look at this, I’ve stumbled upon your blog. Feel free to deny this comment, for it is more of a correspondance than anything else. As far as I can tell (sans actually reading the blog), yours is based primarily in the sardonic derision often associated with misanthropy. If you’d ever be interested in reading a misanthropy-based philosophy, I invite you to take a look at mine, though there aren’t many posts in it at the moment, now is a good time to start reading before more come in. Good luck in the rest of your writing.

  2. anathematized1,

    Your comment, though unrelated to this thread, is legitimate. Your blog appears to be off to a good start. I will not delete legitimate posts from live human beings. My own misanthropy is a bit different than yours at it is directed at the species as a whole rather than at each and every individual.

    As you can probably see by now from the posts I’ve put on your blog, you may find my own version of misanthropy to be even more depressing and cynical than your own. And always remember, there’s a fine line between cynicism and realism. Most times they seem to be identical.

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