A Question for Hummer Drivers

Thank you to my friend Judy for forwarding this letter she wrote to the editor of a newspaper. I’m not sure which one.


3 Responses to A Question for Hummer Drivers

  1. bobbo says:

    I’m not a hummer driver and never would absent owning a ranch or what not “but” people should be allowed to spend their money however they wish and other people should comment as they wish.

    The consumption of our natural world is a perfect exercise for the free market as regulated by the government. I also would not mind if the government put a 100% “environmental tax” on hummers===then again/still anyone who wants to buy one should do so.

  2. Yeah. I guess people should be allowed to spend their money as they see fit. However, with the bulk of the price of gasoline being paid in our income tax bill rather than at the pump, I should NOT have to SUBSIDIZE the cost of the gasoline for someone else’s Humper … or Naggravator … or Land Hoover … or Pathgrinder … or Land Bruiser ….

    The Humper is the worst of the bunch because it’s not even practical for anything. It has the same seating as a Prius. It has so little luggage space that a coworker who got stuck with one as a rental had trouble getting two golf bags into it. It’s just a totally fucking worthless gas guzzling piece of shit. Some of those others may be necessary in some areas, but are not needed to get to the stupid markets of slumburbia.

  3. bobbo says:

    Scott==one mans shit is another mans ice cream. I came to this a few years ago during a recurring water crises when we were all advised it was “outrageous” to take a shower instead of a bath. I thought to myself, I haven’t reproduced, I don’t wash my car, I don’t have lush tropical landscaping, no pool. If I choose to have a long hot shower 2-3 times a day, that is my consuming choice. Charge me the same as anyone else, and lets all make our private choices.

    I downloaded your linked article on the external cost of gas and will read it with interest.

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