CO2: Even Our Lowest Targets Are TOO HIGH!!

Well, if this new report is correct, and it likely is, then even the lowest targets set by any of the governments of the world, are a recipe for disaster. According to this peer reviewed report, the target set by the European Union, 550 parts per million is not only the strictest and lowest global CO2 target anyone is trying to reach, it’s way too high.

Climate Target Not Radical Enough — Popular press article paraphrasing the study.

Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim? — The peer reviewed article, a 15 page PDF.

Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim? (Supporting Data) — This is the supporting data to the peer reviewed article, a 21 page PDF.

Apparently we have dramatically underestimated the level of the problem and the limits we must set. According to this new study, we need to set our targets at just 350 parts per million of CO2. The mainstream accepted number that we’re at today? 385 parts per million.

So, of course, now would be a perfect time for a U.S. senator to remove his revenue neutral carbon tax bill from the table. Obviously, a revenue neutral carbon tax would harm the U.S. economy way too much during the current economic recession, depression, or whatever we’re calling it. Clearly a tax that does not cost the American people a cent overall because it simply reduces taxes elsewhere would be way too hard for the U.S. economy to sustain. (Translation: Americans hear the word tax and get all nervous. Too bad hearing “increase national debt by trillions” doesn’t have the same effect or we might have avoided an oil war.)

In case anyone has not read my blog before and thinks that there may be a note of sarcasm in the prior paragraph, I was hoping it would qualify as an entire symphony of it.

Dingell Withdraws Idea of a Carbon Tax

No Tax Increase — Read this one for an explanation of how a carbon tax would not increase taxes overall.


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