More Evidence of Surprisingly High Non-Human Animal Intelligence

When people think of highly intelligent animals, most think of primates, dolphins, and possibly elephants. Some will add parrots and members of the crow family, but only if they’ve read quite a bit on the subject. Most of us also sort of intuitively get that most predators are smarter than most herbivores, despite exceptions like elephants.

However, even though I have read quite a bit about animal intelligence, I was still surprised by the level of intelligence, especially social intelligence, being shown by spotted hyenas.

Hyenas — Sociable and Smart

I hope this will also provide yet another bit of strong evidence for our moral responsibility toward the other intelligences with whom we share this beautiful and unusual planet. Please see my Moral Considerability post for a further and ongoing discussion of interspecies morality.


8 Responses to More Evidence of Surprisingly High Non-Human Animal Intelligence

  1. Kerberos says:

    What the hell?

  2. Kerberos says:

    Very cool!
    Damn, I love your blog! And please, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the very high compliment. I’ll try to live up to it as best I can. I do enjoy being an opinionated ass. So, it may not be too difficult to live up to that standard. 🙂

      • Kerberos says:

        You’re welcome, Scott.
        And, I’ve no doubt you’ll do well in the opinionated sections either.

        I thought that was a very interesting article about hyenas too, thanks!

  3. Kerberos says:

    Oh, almost forgot to ask, what did you think of my elephant story?
    Was the status confirmed?

  4. Apparently, chimps like brainteasers, just as we do. And, they don’t need a reward to take pleasure in the act, any more than we need pay for doing the NY Times crossword, or a Sudoku or whatever brainy task each of us finds entertaining.

    Of course, they’re not monkeying around. They’re aping around.

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