Science of Chocolate Podcast from NYAS

The New York Academy of Sciences has released the podcast of its excellent lecture The Science of Chocolate. Unfortunately, I cannot publish you the chocolate on a blog site. Sorry. However, I assure you it was delicious. The lecture was really great, explaining a variety of health benefits of chocolate and some of its history. Then, it went on to tasting technique and some details of various chocolates. I’d highly recommend this if you have any interest in the subject matter. Yum!! A delicious way to stay healthy.


One Response to Science of Chocolate Podcast from NYAS

  1. Thanks for the link to the podcast. In recent years I’ve really developed a taste for dark chocolate (it sort of parallels my growing appreciation of fine wine and coffee…). Not long ago in St. Louis there was a seminar by the chocolate maker at Patric Chocolate. He’s one of only three companies actually making chocolate in the US (as opposed to confections). He’s drying and crushing and in some cases aging the beans, and it was all fascinating. And the difference in the taste profile of a really high quality piece of chocolate…. well, there are no words. We must have done something right if it turns out that this can also be GOOD for us!

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