Seriously Power Walking!!

This is really cool!!

Taking People Power to a New Level

I was expecting at the beginning of the article that the device would require more effort while walking, else where is the power coming from. However, if you read the article, the claim is that it is actually reducing your effort while walking since you need the effort to slow your leg down at the end of the stride.

This would be great on some of my trips where power is often hard to come by. I could be wearing a couple of these and the backpack generator and get 30 watts for charging my camera batteries. This would be great!!

I bet it will hit markets just about the time that point and shoot cameras get good enough so that I no longer need my 30 pound backpack worth of optics and camera gear. If these get here sooner though, and the price is reasonable, I’d definitely consider both the knee generators and the backpack generator.

2 Responses to Seriously Power Walking!!

  1. bobbo says:

    Very Nice article. Thanks. This is an open suggestion to those fine folks==have a setting that does cause a “drag” for rapid charging of equipment and/or for a more vigorous walking routine==capture two markets at once.

    Yes, with the knee mounted charging device, eye mounted gps/hd video cam, safety helmet for general safety, the age of the cyborg is just before us.

    Third thought–make it waterproof and powering an optional aqualung to future proof the whole thing against global warming aka global flooding/methane release/sulfur release/armageddon, etc.

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Can I get the hd video cam on one eye and a 16 mp still camera on the other? Both need serious zoom telephoto lenses, of course.

    Good idea on the Armageddon suit. Armageddon sick of the current politics that are causing it.

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