Israeli Electric Cars

Good news!! At least someone is thinking about global warming and actually taking some action. Israel is planning to aggressively replace gasoline burners with electric cars. And, they’re even openly making the obvious statement that the oil economy is funding terrorism, making it doubly important to Israel to get off the gasoline. Now, if only Israel’s greatest ally and world leader in carbon emissions would follow suit. Check out these two articles from that liberal rag, Business Week.

The Electric Car Acid Test

Israel: Cradle of the Electric Car

3 Responses to Israeli Electric Cars

  1. kent beuchert says:

    Israel is making a really stupid move trying to get ahead of technology. Agassi’s scheme is a con – to make money by jacking up the price of battery packs to the public via leasing. The US will have plug-ins on the road before the first Israeli
    EV arrives and will reduce more gasoline demand than Israel, and it won’t
    bankrupt the US driver. Battery-only EVs make no sense, even in a tiny country like Israel. In the US they are absurd and anyone who claims they are a viable alternative should be forced to drive one. Happy motoring!

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:


    Many chose to drive the EV-1 and the RAV4-EV and only gave them up when they were pried out of their hands at the ends of the leases, despite a large number who tried to buy the cars outright. You should watch the film Who Killed the Electric Car? and then make your judgment. The cars worked. The manufacturers no longer HAD to make them having defeated California’s law through massive bribes. At that point, they decided to crush the perfectly good cars that people liked and had waiting lists for so that they would not have to produce a car that required very little maintenance and hence made much less money for them. Sorry, I think you’re entirely incorrect on this one. But, throw the film on your netflix queue and decide for yourself.

    Also, if you actually read the articles, you’ll see that Israel is just moving some tax incentives from oil to electric cars. Also, you’ll note that cost is not the only issue, especially for Israel, but also for the U.S. See, oil money goes to the oil rich nations that fund terrorism. These nations are not our friends, despite what Bush may say about the Saudis, one of the most backward nations in a region of backward nations, and the nation from which 16 of the 19 terrorists on 9/11 came.

    Lastly, you may be interested to understand the real costs behind oil. Most of the costs are not paid at the pumps, but are instead paid in our income tax bill, meaning that I help subsidize the cost of fuel for all of the naggravators, humpers, land bruisers, path grinders, and the rest every time I pay my income tax. Check out this article about The Real Price of Gasoline from 1998. I promise that the cost has not come down from the $15/gallon we were paying then.

  3. bobbo says:

    Even a “bad” technology is better than what we have now what with subsidized oil economy. I really like the “plug-in hybrid” concept where car batteries act as the storage for the greater grid. Cool the way the generating/storage/use/peak load issues get handled that way.

    The replaceable batteries has a number of challenges but certainly could work well in an electrical based transportation system. I didn’t see it, but do assume the cars can be recharged at home/work/shopping as per normal and are not tied to the replacement stations? The range today provides about 80% of required driving daily range? Just a little more battery life, and near 99% will be secured. Lots of activity there in battery life/cost. It will come.

    Energy independence for ALL countries is paramount now. Sad to see the atavistic forces still in control. It will pass, but with unnecessary injury.

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