Religiosity Makes the U.S. a Third World Nation

A couple of reports indicate that religiosity correlates strongly with violent crime and infant mortality. All of which are things that the U.S. is at or near the top among developed democratic nations. See my full post on Dvorak Cagematch, where, as previously noted, I am doing a stint as a guest moderator.


4 Responses to Religiosity Makes the U.S. a Third World Nation

  1. Kris says:

    Let me throw some more evidence into the mix. Here’s a chart of the attitudes to evolution in various countries of the world:

    The US does not fare well.

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Thanks Kris. Interesting, though highly depressing, information in that. I love the last paragraph. I won’t quote it here since I’d rather people read the entire article.

  3. BubbaRay says:

    Thanks for the pointer to Cage Match. A direct link to your article is here.

    I hope many of your readers will visit CM since you post so often. Nice job BTW as Guest Moderator Of The Week!

    [Ed. Fixed link. There are also three links to cagematch in my original post here. One to the article, one to Cagematch in general, and one to the GMOTW category. Thanks for the compliment.]

  4. […] As to why the religiosity of the USA matches that of third world countries, I’m not really sure, but you can find that topic discussed here: • Religiosity Makes the U.S. a Third World Nation » » […]

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