Stuff for the Holidays

I’m probably a tad late on this one. However, as you do your last minute shopping for the holidays, please consider this. This is just a short piece of a twenty minute video, which I highly recommend, called The Story of Stuff. Please take the time to view the full length version, It’s really worth it.

And, if this makes its point for you at all, you may wish to consider giving the gift of allowing your gift recipient to choose from a wide variety of charities to whom they may give the value of your gift instead of wasting crap. Please check out JustGive or find another similar site. I’m sure there must be others. If you find any that are better, please share them here.

Merry Mythmas, Happy Festivus, or best wishes for whatever holiday you celebrate, and a Happy New Year to all, or at least all who start their year around this time. I don’t mean to offend anyone whose year starts at another time.


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