Life After the Tipping Point (i.e. Today?)

If this article, Beyond the point of no return, is correct, we’ll be seeing even more really bad effects of climate change very soon. I’m still hoping to live out my life before the start of the Great Human Die-Off. This article gives a number of reasons not to be so hopeful. However, it also advocates some real and significant changes to the human mind-set.

This is not something I had considered previously.

Perhaps, if we are to survive, albeit in much smaller numbers, we will need to make adjustments of this type. Perhaps there’s even a ray of hope amid the worst predictions. Of course, I don’t really believe so. Nor do I believe the process of shrinking our numbers dramatically will be done with a minimum of pain and suffering. But, your mileage may vary.

Among the other interesting takes on things in this article, pay attention to the changes recommended in taking back government from our current state of corporate rule. The article also advocates, indeed recognizes the necessity, of uniting as a global society. There is some very interesting food for thought in this article. I strongly recommend reading it in its entirety, even if the start seems purely depressing to you.

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